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Live Phone Answering Service To Help Get Your Small Business Moving

Running a small business is not for the faint hearted. You are expected to not only manage, work as the head sales guru, manage your in-house accounting but also do the work. Many small business people end up spending up to 40% of their day working on administrative tasks before they can even think about working on the business or generating some sales.

With a live phone answering service from Virtual HQ you can significantly reduce the amount of admin time that you waste answering the phone and make use of that time to get your business moving. This is a huge benefit! Imagine having an extra couple of hours a week where you can sit down and think about strategy and direction, imagine what having that additional time could do to your bottom line.


Virtual HQ - The small business specialists


Here at Virtual HQ we deal with businesses of all different sizes however the majority of our customers would fall into the SME bracket. From a cost perspective it makes a lot of financial sense to have outsource your telephone answering to a live professional receptionist.

The majority of SME owners are idea rich and time poor. The Virtual HQ system reverses this situation by giving you back the time to focus on those ideas and work out ways to put them into practice. Think of all those times when you have lost your train of thought because you have had to take an incoming call.

When you outsource your reception services to Virtual HQ you are totally in control. You could decide to forward all of your calls to us or you could decide to only forward your overflow. Some customers simply decide that all calls after midday go to the answering service. This gives you back that valuable time.

Sounds good, why should I pick VirtualHeadquarters.com?

  • You can relax in the knowledge that your calls are being handled by professional receptionists based here in the USA. Our receptionists will answer your calls promptly and efficiently and get a message to you in minutes.
  • It makes financial sense. Most of our small business customers spend between $50 and $80 per month. Not much for the security of knowing that your calls are in good hands.
  • We don't cut corners. Our systems have been designed with SME's in mind and we have invested the money to make them work seamlessly. We have decades of experience in the call answering area and use that experience to deliver a brilliant product to you.
  • Our pricing is really easy to understand. We provide packages that are suitable for businesses of all sizes and we try to make things easy by keeping our pricing simple.

The process of signing up is really quite simple. If you fill out our free trial form on our sign-up page we can have you operational in a matter of minutes. Alternatively, ring one of our customer care representatives and we can sign you up over the phone.

Where are the receptionists located?


We don't believe in outsourcing our calls to offshore call centres. During business hours your incoming calls will be answered by live local American receptionists located in Phoenix Arizona.


What if I want to cancel?

We don't lock customers into long term contracts. You can cancel at any time. Our small business customers stay with us because we provide an exceptional level of service for a fair price.


Do I need a credit card to sign-up?

Our 7 day free trial is obligation free. Why not sign up and give us a try for a week. On top of that, we give you a 50% discount in the first month so you can fine tune the service. Give us a call on 866-454-3599 and let us give you back the time to grow your business!


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