Can Emoticons Help You To Increase Leads

People Like Emoticons!

If you look back over the last two decades, massive strides have been made in the marketing world. We’ve been blessed with new and exciting technologies that can drive your marketing efforts to new levels. Some things - like the growth of the internet and the rise of digital marketing - are clear for all to see. But, there are a few smaller things that you might underestimate. For example, emoticons!

Emoticons, often called emojis, are little animated graphics that add a touch of fun to your text. You most likely use them when messaging friends, but your business can utilize emoticons to increase leads and sales. How can this be done? Well, allow us to explain…

Use Emoticons To Add Personality To Your Business

One of the secrets to generating leads and sales is by making people connect with your business. Consumers struggle to connect with companies that feel like big corporate machines. So, one way you can inspire engagement with your target market is through emoticons.

Emoticons can be used in any aspect of your marketing campaign, but they work best on social media, or if you have a live customer support app that people can talk to you on. By adding simple emoticons - like a smiley face or a thumbs-up - you bring more personality to your company. People see your social media posts and no longer feel like they’re scheduled and posted by a robot just for the sake of it.

The same goes for how you reply to people that interact with you on social media. Use emoticons to be expressive and add some emotion to your replies. Again, it makes the user feel like they’re dealing with a very human company. As a result, your engagement will spike, and this makes it easier for you to generate leads and influence sales.

Use Emoticons To Trigger Replies

A fantastic way to use emoticons for your business is by making them trigger replies or responses. Again, social media is tailormade for this! One example of what we’re trying to say is that you post a tweet that says ‘Reply with an emoji that describes your plans for the weekend!’. It’s a simple tweet, but it should trigger multiple responses from your followers. As a result, you’ve now opened conversations with them, which increases the chances of generating leads.

Without emoticons, this style of social media post doesn’t work as well. If you ask people to reply with their plans for the weekend, hardly anyone will bother responding. But, emojis are quick and easy for people to use. Social media users love them, and it’s a simple way for them to engage with your posts.

Another idea is to ask your followers to reply with a specific emoji if they agree or disagree with something - or like or dislike it. For example, post a picture of your new product on Instagram and ask people to comment with a thumbs up or down for their opinion. Not only does this idea generate engagement, but it also grabs more attention to your new product. You’ll find more people will reply to the post and take notice of it than if you just posted the image saying ‘New product!’. Plus, this type of idea gives you some instant feedback as well. If you see lots of thumbs up and hardly any thumbs down, then you know your product is a hit!

Use Emoticons As Part Of A Competition

Competitions and contests are genius ways to get a lot of engagement and create loads of new leads. Everyone loves the chance of winning something, and it’s a proven marketing method for businesses of all sizes.

How do emoticons come into play? Well, your business can use them as part of a competition. For example, post a series of emojis that create a sentence. Then, ask your followers to decode the message, and the first correct answer you see will win a prize. Instantly, you’ll see lots of people replying with their answers. You could also increase the effect this has by telling people to follow your social media handle and then respond. This boosts your follower count, which can really help get more leads and translate them into sales.

A similar idea is to run a competition and tell people to like your post, follow your account, then comment with an emoji of their choice. This requires less creativity on the user’s behalf, so you may see even more responses to it. Again, you’re driving up the engagement your business sees, which will only be positive for lead generation and sales.

Use Emoticons In Email Subject Lines

The majority of emoticon-use comes from social media marketing. This is because you’re given a platform that’s made for emojis. It’s easy to naturally incorporate them in your posts and responses, and everyone on social media uses them. However, you can still use emoticons for other aspects of your marketing campaign, such as emails.

A significant problem for many businesses is that nobody opens your marketing emails. So, one way to change this is by using emoticons in the subject line. A well-placed emoji that relates to the subject will entice people into reading the email. This goes back to the first point we made about adding personality to your business. Instantly, your email seems more emotive and exciting because you have an emoji there.

But, you don’t want to go overboard and flood your emails with emoticons. This will end up having the opposite effect; they work best when used in subject lines to boost your email opening rate.

Any business can use emojis to increase leads and sales. The key thing to remember is that you have to be natural. Don’t use emojis in every single sentence for everything that you do. Also, choose your emojis wisely; use ones that actually make sense in the context of what you’re doing or saying. Unless you’re using them for competitions, then your emoticons should complement any existing text. Try the advice in this guide, and your business can increase leads and sales by making use of the wonderful emoticons at your disposal.

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