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Make Google My Business Work For Your Business

Google My Business is a fantastic tool for improving your SEO, increasing traffic to your website and generating leads. Google My Business allows you to create a solid presence for your business on Google, which is essentially a business listing. Your listing could show up on Google Maps and at the top or side of Google search results pages when people are searching for businesses like yours. Your Google My Business account gives you a tool to improve your organic SEO, and therefore drive more traffic to your site, as well as put your contact information directly in search results, giving you an even more direct way of collecting leads.


Find Your Local Keywords


As with all things SEO, keywords are important if you want to make the most of your Google My Business account. What you want to aim to do is get your business into the "local pack" on a page of search results. This is a snippet at the top of the search results that features a map and a few business options. To get one of those coveted first positions, you need to find the right keywords for your business to fit in. You want a search that might show results as part of a local pack but doesn't necessarily already have three top results (the pack only shows the top three, and a link to see more. You can also appear in the "knowledge panel" at the side of the search results on desktop or at the top when you're on mobile.

When you're researching your keywords, remember that the keyword you choose doesn't necessarily need to have a location or something like "near me" in it. Your business can still come up on a map even if someone performs a search without these words and phrases. You should already have a good idea of what sort of keywords are suitable for your business, and you might already be using one on your website that will work for promoting your business via Google My Business too.

Once you've found a keyword that will work, you need to optimize your listing around that keyword. You can include it in your listing title, and it's also a good idea to use the keyword on your website too. When you create or edit your listing to optimize it, be sure to fill out as much information as possible. It's also great if you include several photos, at least five, so that people can see even more about your business.

Collect Reviews for Your Business

Your Google My Business listing will also show reviews that people leave for your business. Not only will these reviews help your listing to look better, by displaying your average rating in the local pack and knowledge panel, but your reviews will also use some of the keywords that you need to rank your listing. You won't need to give them words to use, either; they will naturally use some of the words you want them to, especially if you encourage them to write longer reviews. You can offer incentive to your existing and past customers and clients if you want them to write a review for you. However, sometimes simply telling them that they can leave a review is enough. Of course, you also have to deliver on your promises so that you get a positive review.

Respond to Reviews

As well as boosting the number of reviews that you receive, you should also make an effort to respond to the reviews that people leave you. If you get a lot of reviews, get some help with responding to them so that you don't end up ignoring them. Positive reviews shouldn't be too difficult to respond to, and you might think they don't even really require a response. However, it shows that you're paying attention and that you appreciate people who support your business if you leave a response.

Collect Reviews for Your Business

It's the negative reviews that you might struggle to respond to, especially if you struggle with criticism. But responding to them politely and reasonably is essential - don't just ignore them. Some things that you might do include acknowledging their complaint, outlining what has happened, and mentioning what you will do or have done so far to fix the problem.

Use Google Posts

Google My Business also has a feature for publishing posts about your business. This allows you to share your content, which can then show up in the knowledge panel when your business appears in search results. This could be welcome for anyone who was using Google+ before and is disappointed about its demise. You can share blog articles, news about your business, events, special offers and more using this feature. When you have something that you want to promote on social media, be sure to publish it as a post on Google My Business too if you want to increase your chances of generating traffic and leads.

Use Videos on Your Google My Business Page

When it comes to content marketing, people have been raving about video for a while now. People love visual content, and video is the most engaging type of visual content there is. Google introduced the ability to upload a video to your Google My Business page a year ago, so you can enhance your presence on Google by including valuable videos. You can add them by uploading photos, which gives you the option of adding a photo or video, or by uploading a video as a post. Your videos can now show up in search results.

Use the Q&A Feature

Using Google My Business, people can ask you questions within your business listing. Make sure you're using this feature and answering any questions that your customers might have. You can also use your account to flag any non-legitimate questions, which is useful to help clear up any irrelevant spam. Questions can be upvoted too, so the most commonly asked questions can appear at the top.

Google My Business will help you to generate site traffic and collect leads, but only if you optimize your listing properly.

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