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If you run a business, you should be using social media. Whether you have a marketing team to do it for you or you take care of everything yourself, you don't want to miss out on the growth that social media can bring to your business. It helps you to promote your brand and expand your reach, allowing you to form and develop relationships with customers and others in a new way. Gaining social media followers can be tough, but there are things that you can do. The most important thing is to be patient if you want genuine followers, and to use the following tips.

#1 - Be Consistent

Consistency is key when you run your social media accounts. Your audience will expect certain things from you, and they want you to publish useful and entertaining content. It can be difficult to keep up with your social media, but it's important to try to post regularly. If you want to ensure consistency and regular posting, it's a good idea to prepare in advance. Start by creating a tone of voice guide and outlining some of the types of content that you want to post. Creating an editorial calendar will help you to prepare and schedule posts in advance.

#2 - Cater to Your Audience

It's essential to define your audience when posting on social media. You need to know what sort of content they are looking for, and make sure that you cater to their needs. Are they looking for informative content about your industry? Perhaps they want tutorials and helpful blog posts that show them how to do new things. Or they might just want to know about your new products.

#3 - Adjust to Different Networks

Sometimes, you might only use one social media platform if you feel it's the most appropriate for your brand. But it can also be useful to use more than one platform, and that often means having to consider the difference between them. You might have a younger audience on Instagram compared to Facebook, for example. Consider the type of content that you post too. On Instagram, you will be posting more visual content compared to LinkedIn or Twitter.

#4 - Promote Your Social Media Pages

As well as making an effort on your social media pages, you can take steps elsewhere to promote your social media pages. There are various ways that you can promote your pages and encourage people to start following you or to share your content on social media. Use follow buttons on your website and include links to your pages in your newsletters and promotional emails. You can even put your social handles in your email signature to encourage more follows.

#5 - Connect with Authoritative People

Connecting with the right people on social media can make a big difference. Start by following some of the most influential people in your industry or the influencers who often promote brands similar to yours. As well as simply following the right people, make sure that you engage with them. Share their content, as well as replying to their posts and even getting in touch with them through private messaging when it's appropriate. People who follow them will be more likely to start following you.

#6 - Join the Conversation

It's essential not to forget the social part of social media. If you want to be successful and grow your follower numbers, you need to be joining in with the conversation. How you do this will depend on which platform you're using. It might mean sharing other people's posts or leaving comments on the posts of people and brands relevant to your business. It's useful to follow certain topics and to keep a close eye on what everyone is talking about so that you can join in.

#7 - Use Hashtags Smartly

Hashtags can be a very useful tool, particularly on Instagram and Twitter. However, you need to know how to use them to your advantage. Don't make the mistake of using random hashtags that don't really mean anything. There are two many ways to make use of hashtags. Firstly, find out which are the popular ones that are relevant to your brand, and use them in your posts. Secondly, consider creating your own hashtag or hashtags. It should be something that others can use to make the most of it.

#8 - Understand How Your Content Performs

Social media platforms offer you analytics tools, which help you to understand how your profile, page and posts are performing. These analytics can be very useful when you're trying to decide what to post. You can take a look at which content performs well and what people engage with so that you can do similar things to keep people engaged. Remember to keep checking what's doing well because people's tastes can change.

#9 - Post Different Types of Content

It's important to remember to keep posting different types of content, particularly with some platforms. All platforms offer different ways to post content, so explore what works best with each. You might have just text posts and links, images and infographics, videos or other formats like stories, which you can get on Instagram and Facebook. Different types of content will often do well on different platforms, so understanding each one is essential.

#10 - Use Paid Ads

Although you can set up and use social media accounts for free, they also offer the option of paid advertising. This can be a good way to not only promote your website and products but also to build the audience for your social pages. You can often promote your posts or your page to get more people to click on your name and to start following you. These advertising options often work on a pay-per-click basis or you might be paying for a certain number of impressions, or perhaps to display your ad for a certain amount of time.

In conclusion

You have a number of options for increasing your social media followers. By growing your social media image, you could boost your brand reputation.

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