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In this modern digital age simply having a recorded message service just doesn't cut it any more. Research carried out in the UK showed that over 60% of callers would hang up rather than leave a message on a recorded message service. Unfortunately, everyone now expects 24/7 and live.

If you do let your incoming calls go through to an automated message service then you not only risk having that caller simply hang up but you also risk having them hang up and ring the next company on the list. What this generally means is that you not only lose that potential customer but you also give a customer to one of your competitors. This ends up being a double whammy!


We provide 24/7 live call answering


Fortunately, VirtualHeadquarters.com can provide a 24/7 live USA phone answering service that is there when you are no longer available. Rather than have to sit by your phone for hours or have your phone diverted to your cell when you would rather be at home with the family or out with your friends you can now have your incoming calls answered by one of our professional US based phone messaging service.

Regardless of the time of day or night our professional team can be at the ready to take your incoming calls and get a message to you within minutes. One of the great thing about making use of Virtual Headquarters to manage your message taking is that besides a small monthly retainer you will only need to pay for what you actually use. If you only have one after hours call during the week then you would only need to pay for one call despite the fact that our professional receptionists are sitting there around the clock ready to take your messages.

Having a live answering service that operates on a 24/7 basis can be really handy. So many businesses these days have customers and suppliers based all over the world and the working hours certainly don't match our working hours in the USA. Also, if you are a national business then you will have to contend with the different time zones across the USA. Which states time do you lock in as standard? How do you know when starting up your USA wide business which states are going to generate the most business for you? Do you just need to cover all time zones in the country?

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider getting a phone messaging service from VirtualHeadquarters.

- We employ professional local US based receptionists to answer your calls.

- We have receptionists available 24/7. If you receive a call after hours then our professional staff will be there to take your call.

- You can get a free 7 day trial of our service without having to give any credit card details.

- It is really simple to set up. We could be taking your incoming calls in just a matter of minutes.

- You can receive your messages in a number of different ways. Most customers get their messages emailed to them.

- It is a really affordable package. For a low fee of $15 per month (plus cost of calls) you can sign up.

- It really frees up a lot of time. You and your staff will be able to focus on what you do best not answering those incoming calls.

- Virtual Headquarters can act as the gatekeeper for all of those annoying calls that you get from telemarketers. We can forward you the important ones.

Phone Message Services

A live call answering service makes a lot of business sense for small businesses. You can focus your attention on building your business, generating sales and working on your strategy while we focus our attention on taking your phone messages and getting them to you in a timely manner.

No lock in contracts - You can stop or start whenever you want. You can use us when you need us and stop your service when you don't need us. There is ultimate flexibility. Some customers use us during busy periods when they have product launches or marketing campaigns. They then pause their accounts during slow periods. It really is totally flexible.

No security deposits required. Once you have finished your free trial and you have a paying account then you simply make a pre-payment for future phone messages taken. The prepayment is a relatively small amount that is then offset against your calls.

No obligation to carry on after the free trial expires. We will not pressure you to use us. We find that the majority of companies that use the free trial are so impressed with our great level of service that they continue on with a paid service.

Our Customers

Our customers come from a broad range of occupations that include attorneys, IT professionals, CPA's, small business startups, management consultants, digital marketers, real estate professionals plus a whole range more. Regardless of whether you are a one person band or you are a division of a large multi-national Virtual Headquarters will provide your business with the same level of phone message service and will answer your phones in the same manner as we would answer our own phones.

Our customers tell us that by having a professional USA phone answering service working with them they are able to focus on the more strategic aspects of their business and focus on earning money rather than picking up incoming telephone calls. Getting a professional receptionist service gives them back the time that they need to grow their business.

Many of our customers have been with us for several years. One of the most common comments that we hear from these customers is that they wish that they had known about our services sooner. Some customers had previously had their own in house receptionist function and after moving across to the virtual receptionist service offered by Virtual Headquarters they reported that they were saving around 40% of the cost of that in-house receptionist.

With a virtual receptionist you can get the best of both worlds. You can have someone available to answer you calls 24/7 but not have the huge cost that wouyld go with having 24/7 staff. What could be better!

What Does a USA Phone Answering Service Cost

It very much depends on how much you want to use our services. If all you need is a basic service then we would charge you a $15 per month retainer then a per call charge of $2 per call. If you expect your call volume to be higher then it would probably make sense to opt for one of our packages. THe packages iinclude a specific number of calls for a set fee. Once you have used up your package calls you then pay a small fee per additional message taken. It really does make a lot of financial sense and is far more cost effective than having a 24/7 receptionist team.

If you want to deliver a professional message to your callers every time that they call then you should consider signing up for a live call answering and phone message service. Contact our friendly customer care representatives today to find out more.

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