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Why An Outsourced Receptionist Service Makes Sense

Are you spending all your time answering calls instead of focusing on getting your start-up off the ground? Or are you snowed under trying to get back to all your pending requests for information? A virtual receptionist can provide you with the support and assistance you need, without the extra costs of hiring an in-house secretary.

Hiring a virtual receptionist is fast becoming a trend in almost every industry, as it’s an effective solution financially, and good business sense. You can save valuable time to invest in scaling your business and focus your energies on achieving your goals.


What is a virtual receptionist?


A virtual receptionist is a live telephone answering service where a qualified and friendly receptionist handles your calls with the same professionalism as an in-house receptionist. The experience for clients is in fact no different from speaking to an operator in your office.

How does it work?

With a virtual receptionist service you first need to allocate a local phone number to your business. When clients or anyone making an inquiry call this number, or any other numbers you give us, it is automatically diverted to your virtual receptionist. A virtual receptionist can answer calls to your business line, home phone, and cell.

What are the financial benefits of a virtual receptionist?

One of the main advantages of outsourcing your receptionist’s role that it’s a cost-cutting solution. Hiring a virtual receptionist saves you time and money on overheads, training, and employee benefits. There are numerous financial advantages.

Save on hiring a full-time employee

A key benefit to hiring a virtual receptionist instead of an in-house person is the money you will save on the recruitment process. You won’t need to spend valuable time doing interviews and training your new employee. There won’t be any extra costs relating to hiring a new professional, such as taxes and insurance. A virtual receptionist will be responsible for their own bookkeeping.

No additional salary or benefits

With a virtual receptionist, you will not only save on paying out a full salary, but you also won’t be responsible for providing benefits such as sick pay and holidays. Virtual receptionists are available for a monthly subscription fee for as little as $20. You can upgrade your services as you please, without having to pay anyone a raise.

No additional overhead cost

Hiring an in-house receptionist means that you have to provide workplace furniture and equipment. Your in-house receptionist would require a minimum of an ergonomic desk, chair, PC, and electronics. Not to mention, the costs of electricity and heating or air-conditioning to provide an acceptable working environment.

Why it makes good business sense to hire a virtual receptionist

Outsourcing your receptionist’s role to a virtual receptionist makes good business sense for a number of reasons. A virtual receptionist can provide your company with more availability, flexibility, and professionalism from anywhere. The system is highly sophisticated and you can use the user-friendly portal to access your account at any time. Here is an overview of the business benefits.

Virtual receptionists have more availability

Virtual receptionists are available round the clock to provide your clients with the best service. If you hired an in-house receptionist they’d usually have set hours, the standard 9-5, but most telephone answering services offer 24/7 coverage.

With a 24/7 virtual receptionist you can decide which calls need returning and when. This not only gives you flexibility but is also a time-saving solution. Due to advances in technology like cloud computing and fast connections your virtual receptionists can provide a professional service any time anywhere.

They work in a distraction-free environment

The hustle and bustle of an office can often get in the way of an in-house receptionist doing their job. A virtual receptionist can work remotely and therefore won’t get interrupted all the time. They can also work in a quiet area without any distractions.

Your clients will get a faster service and clearer response and you’ll still be saving on overheads. You won’t need to provide the space where your virtual receptionist works, but you can be guaranteed that they’ll be in an adequate working environment to take calls whenever on duty.

Sophisticated system

A virtual receptionist also guarantees you more efficiency and flexibility due to the sophisticated system in place. A virtual receptionist can manage a whole range of possibilities. If required, they can act like a physical telephonist and screen your calls. You can decide how you want to get your messages. Calls can be transferred or forwarded to colleagues.

With a virtual receptionist, you have all the options of a standard telephone answering machine and multiple other ways to receive your messages. You can opt to receive them by email, or text, and receive notifications on your smartphone wherever you are. You can access your virtual account and change any settings with ease.

Clients prefer talking to a real person

With a virtual receptionist, you no longer have the need for an automated message system. Your clients will appreciate the real-person connection and will leave more satisfied. Even with advances in Artificial Intelligence and virtual-voice technology, customers still prefer a human voice.

Minimal training involved

Virtual receptionists are already qualified and experienced professionals that won’t need any training. You can access your virtual account online and choose your preferences, and then you’re good to go basically.

Hiring a virtual receptionist also cuts out the middle man in the recruitment process. Your ideal candidates are already prepared to take on everything you’ve got. You don’t need to go through a lengthy hiring process.

Simple, reliable and stress-free

A virtual receptionist can provide you with the peace of mind that you’re getting an affordable yet professional service. You can rely on the sophisticated system and highly qualified team available. You’ll no longer need to stress about getting back to all your clients. With a virtual receptionist, your telephone answering needs are taken care of. You are then given the freedom to focus on running your business.

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