Get Your Incoming Phone Calls Answered By A Professional Receptionist

A Receptionist Service Makes Good Business Sense

When you start a new business you think you need to do everything from answering the calls to emptying the trash. The problem is that whilst it can feel somewhat rewarding to be a jack of all trades, it probably isn't the most effective use of your time and it probably distracts you from all of those money making tasks that you started the business for in the first place.

Making use of a receptionist service like the one offered by VirtualHeadquarters.com makes a lot of business sense. Firstly, it is much more cost effective for you to be focusing on generating income than answering calls. Secondly, it frees you up so that you can do more of what you do best (and hopefully make more money). Thirdly, we will provide a professional service every time, even when you are not in the office and have left for the day.


VirtualHeadquarters are the phone call answering solution for your business


Here at Virtual Headquarters we believe in delivering the best possible level of service to our customers. Our aim is to answer all incoming calls within 6 rings and we consistently achieve this with more than 90% of calls. If you can't answer those calls quickly then you risk losing that valuable call.

Our system has been custom written by IT professionals with significant experience in the telephone answering business. The system is extremely powerful yet really intuitive to use. No wonder we have more than 5,000 happy customers using this system around the world.

Getting started is really easy. You sign up for a 7 day trial at no obligation to you. You are then allocated a telephone number to use which can be either a toll free number or a local number specific to your area code. You can then either divert your existing number to our number or you can use the number for your business. After this we simply need to agree a greeting for your customers and we are ready to go.

Why Should I Use a Receptionist Service

  • We will provide a professional level of service every single time a receptionist answers your calls. Unlike many of our competitors who base their staff in India or Asia, our professional team of receptionists are based in the USA.
  • You can use us as much or as little as you want. Some of our customers use us for overflow work while others use us instead of having an in-house receptionist. You can also scale up or back whenever you feel like it.
  • It is much more cost effective than having an in-house resource to answer your calls. Some customers have reported that by making use of our services they have saved up to 40% of the cost of an in-house staff member.
  • We can be there 24/7 to answer your calls. When you head off in the evening to spend time with your family or friends you can be comfortable in the knowledge that your incoming telephone calls are going to be answered promptly and efficiently regardless of the time.

Here at VirtualHeadquarters.com we don't believe in locking our customers in to lengthy contracts. You can cancel at any time that you like. Our 5,000 plus customers stay with us because they believe that they are getting a great value service at an exceptional price.

How do you charge for calls?


Here at Virtual Headquarters you can sign up for a basic package where you pay a monthly retainer and a charge per call or you can sign up for packages that include a certain number of calls. Either way, we try to keep it as simple as possible for our customers ad we try to provide a really cost effective service.


How are the messages delivered?

After signing up for a free trial you will be given the opportunity to create a personalized greeting that you would like us to use when greeting your customers. You will also be able to nominate how you would like your messages delivered to you. The 2 alternatives here are via email or via text. With the popularity of smart phones these days we find that the majority of our customers opt for the email option.


That Sounds Great, How Do I Get My Free Trial?

Head to our sign-up page and fill out the free trial form. If you haven't got the time to fill out the form or you have other questions that you would like to ask us then you are quite welcome to call one of our friendly staff on 866-454-3599 and we will help you through the process. Let us help you build your business!


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