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Giving your business the opportunity to take advantage of virtual based services will dramatically increase the growth and productivity of your business while saving you lots of cash. With our premium telephone answering service you will increase the global presence of your company and enhance customer satisfaction, which are both key strategies to improving company profitability. From choosing the way we answer your calls to selecting exactly how you would like us to deal with them, going virtual has never been a smarter decision.


Go virtual and save


Our highly trained American based receptionists have years of customer service experience and are dedicated to answering your company calls promptly and professionally everytime.

Our elite service provides you with ultimate flexibility. We can either transfer your calls to you or take a detailed message and send it to you or your staff instantly via email, text message or both. Never miss an important call again! Excellent customer service translates into customer loyalty and this will have huge implications on the growing success and reputation of your business.

You can reap the benefits of our virtual telephone answering service by only paying for what you use. With our cost effective service, you are ultimately turning a fixed cost into a variable cost. This gives your business more opportunities to use its money more effectively, such as for marketing strategies. Irrespective of whether your business is small or large in size, we provide flexible packages to suit the needs of all companies. You may even choose to have multiple numbers across the country to enhance the national presence of your business. We use sophisticated telephone systems that allow our polite and highly skilled American receptionists to consistently answer a high volume of calls.

By taking your business virtual and outsourcing your receptionist service, you will eliminate the headaches caused by micromanaging staff schedules. We know that many small businesses don’t have the resources to handle many calls. Our sophisticated telephone answering service can simply be used as an overflow service, for example, if it is a busy time of year or if your staff are sick, on holiday or even on their lunch break. Instead of paying sick leave, annual leave or workers compensation for an in-house receptionist, give yourself the piece of mind that your clients are being well looked after by our dedicated team of American based receptionists. We can also provide your business with a 24/7 telephone answering option, which enables your calls to be answered after hours by a live, friendly receptionist. A detailed message will be taken and immediately forwarded to you. Never have your customers listen to an automated voice message again!

It is clear that taking your business virtual has never been more convenient and cost effective. Instead of worrying about handling your company backup systems, why not look into using cloud based services? The cloud is a stress free and cost effective way of managing your business. Data can be automatically synced to the cloud, so you don’t have to spend the money and time manually backing up important company systems and information yourself. You will no longer have to worry about the thought of your computer crashing or being stolen. Another advantage of taking your company virtual is that data can be accessed by selected company users anywhere and anytime, providing you with ultimate flexibility.

With the virtual becoming more in demand, have you ever considered utilising online accounting and bookkeeping services that can be used in the management of your growing company? A Virtual accounting service can provide you with an engaging and simple to use software program that allows you to access real time financial data anywhere, at any time and on any device. It gives you the opportunity to analyse the financial information of your company so you have the best opportunity to make informed business decisions about accounting and budgeting strategies.

From cloud-based storage to online accounting and superior telephone answering services, there is no doubt that going virtual will save your company lots of cash and increase the efficiency of your business. With no compromise in quality, you can receive the benefits of virtual services, such as our professional telephone-answering package for an affordable cost. With a FREE 7 day trial and no long term contracts or set up fees, you can be one of our 7000 global clients that can experience how our company will help your business increase revenue, increase productivity, control cost and improve the level of customer service that your callers will be exposed to.

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