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Virtual Receptionist Service For Small Business

Running a small business can be hard work. You have to constantly switch from one task to the next and be an expert in a number of different areas. One big issue for small business owners is the issue of having to constantly drop whatever you are doing to pick up the phone. Quite often, many of these calls that you are answering are either telemarketers or people just wanting simple information.

Instead of trying to pick up all of these calls yourself, why not employ a virtual receptionist service for your small business and get back all of that lost time. A virtual receptionist service from someone like Virtual Headquarters is cost effective, easy to set up and doesn't lock you in to a long term contract. On top of all this, we are even happy for you to test out our system for 7 days at absolutely no cost to you.


You Focus on Business, We Focus on Calls


The way it works for a small business is really quite simple. You sign up online for our free 7 day trial (or if you like you can ring a friendly customer service staff member). We then allocate you with a telephone number to use on your account. This telephone number can either be a local telephone number (you can choose the area code) or an 800 number. It is totally up to you to pick which one you want.

Once you have your telephone number we need to agree a greeting that will be used when our virtual receptionists answer your calls. This greeting can be anything that you want and can be changed at any time that you want. Many of our customers change their greeting according to the time of year or specific holiday periods etc. Once again, it is entirely in your court in terms of how you would like your callers greeted by our receptionists.

You then need to tell us how you want to receive the messages that are left by your customers. You can receive messages by either SMS or by email. We find that these days the majority of customers are happy to receive messages by email as most small business owners have smart phones these days and can receive those messages wherever they are.

Now that you have your greeting in place and you have told us how you want your messages received you are ready to divert your existing number to the phone number that we have allocated to your account. Some of our customers divert all of their calls through straight away while others divert after a specific number of calls. You can change these settings at any time that you like so if you are going through a busy phase you can instantly change your settings and buy back some time.

You are now set up and ready to get started. Getting a virtual receptionist for your small business can make really good business and financial sense. Our packages start from as little as $15 per month and the average small business customer spends around $50 per month. It really is a great way to win back a little bit of extra time to allow you to focus on strategy and making more money.

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