A Toll Free Number Makes Sense.

Toll free answering services are an affordable option.

Need more time to spend with your customers or focusing on the strategic aspects of your business?. Why not get a toll free answering service for your business. We can give you the peace of mind in knowing that your incoming phone calls are being dealt with by a professional and dedicated USA based team of receptionists. Customers will believe that you are a national company because you have an 0800 number. Our receptionists will answer your incoming telephone calls with your company name and a personalised greeting. Our receptionists can competently address your general business inquires and if needed we will update your diary records/web-forms.

Our virtual receptionist team will be your virtual customer service team

Getting yourself an answering service with an 0800 number attached makes good business sense. Not only do your callers get the benefits of receiving a free to your business (giving the perception that your business operation is a national business operation) but your callers will also receive the benefit of getting their calls answered promptly and professionally regardless of whether you are available or not. From a business perspective it is a real win/win for all parties involved.

Our receptionist team are specialists in their chosen field. The team answering your calls 9-5 are all local US residents and are dedicated to delivering to you and your clients a first class level of service. Our receptionist team undergo world class training when they commence with us and they continue their professional development on a regular basis to make sure that they keep up to date with the highest professional standards in the industry. When you sign up for a toll free answering service you let us know how you would like your calls answered and the greeting that we need to deliver to your you want delivered to your callers. This greeting can be changed at any time by simply logging into our admin portal or making use of our Android or IOS APP. You then tell us how you want to receive your messages (our receptionists will send them within minutes of receiving the call). In this regard you have 2 choices, you can either receive the messages via an email or by text message. These days we find that the vast majority of our clients go with the delivery by email option as they find that it gives them more options for devices on which they can receive the message.

A quality but affordable receptionist service will likely exceed your expectations

Imagine having a team of receptionists that you know you can comfortably rely on to deal with your callers in the same professional way that you would. Image if the cost of this service is just a fraction of what it would cost you if you tried to do it intenally. Our toll free answering service is billed based on how much you use. This gives you total flexibility when it comes to picking how you use our reliable service and how often you make use of it. We try to keep our pricing simple and we offer a variety of flexible packages that include a specific number of calls. whereby you can either pay a small retainer and then a cost per call or you can pay for a package that includes a set number of calls. By selecting one of our packages you can significantly reduce the average cost per call. The more calls you have the cheaper the cost of each call.

You will be in very good company. Our services are perfect for small to medium sized businesses of all types. Our customers come from a wide variety of industries, such as lawyers, medical practices, accountants, IT professionals, consultants, real estate professionals, financial planners, management consultants and a broad range of others. Our professional receptionist team are well trained and ready to take your companies business calls today. It makes really good business and financial sense.

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