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Virtual Office Services Can Be a Great Way To Build Your Business

The internet has really opened up the way that we do business in this modern age. No longer do you have to settle for a physical office in one particular city and no longer do you need to settle for physical staff that come in to that office every day. With some of the virtual office services that are available today you can make use of a whole range of services that can be provided by people or businesses around the world.


What is a virtual office?


The term virtual office seems to encompass a number of different services that are delivered via the web. The first and most obvious service that is available is an actual address. The difference between a virtual address and a physical one is that you don't actually occupy the space and you just get to make use of the address on your website, your business cards and your company brochures etc. One major benefit of this is that you are not up for a lot of the additional costs that you are generally up for with a physical location. Another great benefit is that you don't have to settle for one, you could potentially have an address in every state if you want and it would not be overly expensive.

How about a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant or VA is a team member who can work remotely via the internet. It is unlikely that you will ever meet your VA and with many of them it is quite likely that they would be located in another city or potentially even another country. The type of work that VA's usually do would include sales administration type work, surveying customers, filling out web forms, creating spreadsheets etc. To a great extent you can get a VA to do most work that involves sitting down at a computer and working on specific programs. Here at VHQ we offer a variety of VA style services to our customers. One of the great benefits of our service is that we charge our customers on a per minute basis. That way you only ever need to pay for what you use, you don't end up paying for someone to sit around waiting for work or while they are on their break. Many of our customers report that they save as much as 40% on the cost of an internal staff member by making use of our VA's.

What about Remote Answering Services

Answering services have existed for decades however the development of the internet and cloud computing has really enabled answering services to become super efficient. With a modern remote answering service like the one offered by VHQ the person answering your calls can be located anywhere in the country and it is also a possibility that they could be operating remotely from their colleagues. A remote receptionist gives you the ability to focus on strategy and the important aspects of running your business while our trained professional receptionists can be taking your incoming calls.

Accounting Services

Accounting and bookkeeping services were one of the first to move online and these days you can operate your business without ever having to meet your accountant face to face.

Other Remote Services

There are a whole range of virtual/remote services that you can now get to assist you in running your business. These include online CRM systems, online project management services plus a whole range more. If you really make an effort to find and make use of these services you will be surprised at just how much value they can add to your business.

Where are your staff based?


We run a high tech facility in Phoenix Arizona where our receptionists and VA's are located. We currently have customers located throughout the USA and the world.


How will my messages be delivered?

Your messages will be delivered by email or text message. THese days we find that most customers choose the email option as most business people these days have a smart phone capable of receiving emails wherever you are.


I want to give your telephone answering service a try, what do I do next?

Why not start a 7 day free trial of our answering service. It's really easy to get started, you can either sign up online or you can call one of our friendly customer service representatives on 866-454-3599. We will be more than happy to assist you through the entire process. Let help you build your business!


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