San Jose - Perfect for starting a small business

If you are thinking about setting up a small business in San Jose then it makes really good sense for you to use a live telephone answering service. Our local US based Virtual Receptionists are so cost effective when you are starting up and every dollar matters. Virtual Headquarters are a US based phone answering and virtual assistant service. We offer a comprehensive range of live receptionist packages for small and medium sized firms in San Jose. Let the team at Virtual Headquarters take care of promptly answering all your San Jose telephone calls while you focus on managing your company.


Your San Jose company needs an answering service!


Using a live answering service for your enterprise is a great way to make sure you and your key staff have the precious time that you need - rather than being interrupted by all those sundry calls. And if you have been thinking of employing an in-house receptionist – don’t! A live answering service from Virtual Headquarters can be set up in less than an hour and can be switched on and off whenever you need it. Need to cover any enquiries over the Federal Holidays? Done. Want to catch any after hours callers interested in your new city-wide sales campaign? Done. We give you the expertise and the flexibility to take call management to another level.

How our answering service works

1. You sign up for our 7 day FREE trial and instantly get a number

When you register for our no obligation answering service FREE Trial we will allocate you with a Phoenix telephone number or alternatively you can get a Toll-Free number if that is your preference.

2. You can either use this number or forward calls to it

Once you have been allocated a number you can either use that phone number as your main business number or forward your existing number to the number that we provided. It is really quite flexible! It's all up to you.

3. Let us know what greeting you want used with your customers

Your preferred greeting can be updated at any time when you log in to our portal or when you use one of our App's. As well as your greeting you will need to tell us how you would like to receive your messages, i.e. by SMS or email.

4. We will start answering those calls instantly!

That's all! VHQ is now ready to start answering those incoming calls. Our experienced virtual receptionists will use the greeting that you have provided to welcome your callers on behalf of your business. Your virtual reception will record all the caller details and message you and your team via email or SMS according to your preference. We can also directly forward important calls based on your instructions for prioritisation.

It Makes Great Commercial Sense

Whilst you are probably a good communicator your time is better spent on the key tasks of your business strategy rather than doing the receptionist thing. With a San Jose telephone answering service from Virtual Headquarters you can take your business to the next level and always be sure that every call will be answered politely and promptly. With San Jose telephone answering from VH you’ll never ever miss a call to your new business.

Our prices are really reasonable and compare very well to our competitors. We structure our pricing by packages of calls per month – so we can offer packages that suit businesses of all different sizes. When your San Jose business grows and you need to add more calls, it is easy to upgrade to a bigger package and if you need to scale things back then that is a simple process too. It makes a lot of sense and frees you from worrying about call management. You’ve got the professionals taking care of all that. No matter if you are out of the office visiting clients or running a sales seminar or just catching some waves – your local US based Virtual Receptionists are always there, welcoming callers on behalf of your business.

FREE 7 Day Trial
(with NO Obligation and NO Credit Card required)

Doing Business in San Jose CA

In the pressured commercial world of today it is so important to ensure that you’ve carefully crafted your business plan and analysed all the key determinants of your future success. One of the most important considerations is to decide where your new business is going to be located. Some business people may think that with globalisation and online sales location is no longer important but believe me -it is! The location of your startup can still have a huge impact due to tax implications, city and state incentives and the actual profile of the customers that you are targeting.

California is a state known the world over for dynamic businesses. It is an incubator of talent with technological leadership across so many industries. The city of San Jose is at the forefront of that innovative dynamism with more than 2,500 high-tech companies situated in the city environs. Setting up your new business in San Jose is choosing to locate to the number one city in the US for foreign born talent. You’ve located to the third largest city in California and the tenth largest in the country.

The population of San Jose is over one million people and 38% of the workforce is foreign born. You have come to a city with a fast pace and a burning desire for achievement. There is a large small business community and there are mentoring groups and government incentives but it is really important that you know why you’re here and what you want. Location wise San Jose is 45 mins from the beach and about the same from San Francisco. It is also a city that’s surrounded by nature and that’s a top plus for people who live in San Jose. There is a superb outdoor lifestyle, with beaches and trails and yachting and biking options – and those iconic places like Napa Valley and Yosemite are closer than you realise if you want to take a breather and get some recreation time.

You’ll know all those famous high-tech innovative companies that are located here and that’s why so many talented people come from across the world to San Jose. Its also a hub here for education with top universities in the Bay Area like California, Berkeley and Stanford. You also have all the connectivity you could want but the traffic can get to you and if you can, try to live near your work or even work where you live.

Now you know the reputation of San Jose, it’s a city full of talented people working for global tech, with all the supporting hubs of education, law, hospitality and services. The San Jose metro area has one of the highest GDP rates per capita on the planet. The city has many high paying jobs with median incomes quoted as high as $110k. The downside of all that success is that the cost of living in San Jose is high. Housing prices are high. Rents are high. San Jose is after all Silicon Valley’s largest city, this is the land of Facebook, Intel, Oracle, Netflix and Google etc. People want to be here because this is where the ideas develop that impact the planet. Just saying – if you set up your business here, the cost of living is high.

San Jose has a great history and a great future. The California weather plus the outdoor lifestyle and the sheer diversity of the population which leads to a wonderful range of foods and dining options, it’s all here.

There are some great neighbourhoods to choose from – check out Alameda, Willow Glen, Japantown and Alum Rock.

Be approachable and contactable from day one of setting up your new San Jose business. Make that really smart decision to use a professional live San Jose Telephone Answering Service. You can test drive our phone answering service for 7 days at no cost to you. You won’t even need to supply us with any credit card details when you sign up. We will definitely not pressure you once the 7 days is up. Setting things up takes less than 30 minutes and we could be expertly answering your San Jose calls in just a short time. Contact us and experience the professionalism that comes from years in the call management industry. We will answer promptly in just the right welcoming tone.

Answering Service San Jose CA, USA

San Jose CA Zip Codes

Here is a list of the main zip codes in San Jose CA, 95002 , 95101 , 95103 , 95106 , 95108 , 95109 , 95110 , 95111 , 95112 , 95113 , 95115 , 95116 , 95117 , 95118 , 95119 , 95120 , 95121 , 95122 , 95123 , 95124 , 95125 , 95126 , 95127 , 95128 , 95129 , 95130 , 95131 , 95132 , 95133 , 95134 , 95135 , 95136 , 95138 , 95139 , 95140 , 95141 , 95148 , 95150 , 95151 , 95152 , 95153 , 95154 , 95155 , 95156 , 95157 , 95158 , 95159 , 95160 , 95161 , 95164 , 95170 , 95172 , 95173 , 95190 , 95191 , 95192 , 95193 , 95194 , 95196.