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At Virtual Headquarters, we understand the big picture. Operating a business means staying focused all the time. With our call answering service you’ll only be interrupted by calls that really matter. That means you stay effective, you don’t waste your time. Using our phone answering services also means you won’t waste your money. We provide a call plan that is straight forward, a silver bullet for budget management. No sly cost add-ons - just simple call packages based on the number of calls per month.

Our starter live answering services package has a retainer of $33 per month and a per call charge of $2.99, but most of our customers go with a set number of calls per month. So if you estimate your business gets about 200 phone calls per month, then take a 200 plan and it will cost just $450 per month plus $2.80 for any calls over the 200. We have lots of call packages to suit all kinds of companies and one of them will be just what you need.

With our remote receptionist service you have certainty. You’ll know how much your call answer service will cost each month. You’ll also be sure that with us, your business will never miss a call. Never ever.

Your Business Phone Answering Service - Let Us Take That Call!

As a small business operator, we know you have a lot on your plate. We realize you don’t want the stress of hidden charges included in the answering service costs. You also don’t want to sign up to a service that doesn’t give 110 % service. Some of our so-called competition offer really cheap prices but their amateur call answering services will be very expensive when they bug your best loyal customers and offend potential clients. It’s always smarter to take a reality check and go with cost-effective experience. With our professional live answering services we always deliver on our promises - highly trained local American virtual receptionists expertly welcoming callers on behalf of your business. We understand your telephone answering service.

So watch out for call handling services that cut corners because both quality and price need to hit the sweet spot. A really low price is a sure fire way to know that your business phone calls won’t be answered by Americans. The real problem with offshore call centers in foreign countries is that the receptionists are often poorly paid and hard for your callers to understand and they won’t comprehend your business. That is a real recipe for disaster and loss of sales – customers want to be respected NOT annoyed. With our virtual receptionists, you can be confident that your calls will be answered by a native English speaker. You can also be confident that your virtual reception team will know American business practices and our culture.

A few more things to convince you is the best!

1/ One of the fastest ways to make your customers happy is to answer their phone calls fast. We answer calls within 6 rings and aim to achieve a 90% success rate. We have KPI's in place to monitor our performance and drive quality. Our virtual receptionists are ultra- professional and courteous. We know that you only have a few moments to impress new callers to your business – and the very first step is for our 24 hour answering service to answer their call quickly.

2/ We really understand the importance of fabulous excellent customer service. Excellent customer service can be a real point of difference, a way for your business to stand out from the crowd. That's why we employ and train local American receptionists to answer business phone calls – because keeping your customers happy and engaged grows your revenue like nothing else. Your team of live virtual receptionists have answered calls for all sorts of businesses across the country in their careers so they know exactly how to adapt their call technique according to the caller. That’s what you want in great call answering services – the talent to adjust to suit the enquiry and the personality of the caller. Smart cost-effective customer service, that’s us.

3/ Another important difference. At Virtual Headquarters we won’t ask you to sign-off on a long-term contract. Our policy is to provide a flexible quality product that meets your needs. You can scale up or scale down your service whenever you need and if you just require our support for a short term – we are happy to help. We don’t pressure, we don’t lock customers into long term complex contracts written by lawyers with too much time on their hands – that’s not what we are about. This policy of just giving the customer what they want when they want has allowed our business to grow to more than 5,000 clients across the US, UK and even Australia.

4/ We are the leaders in our industry. We stay ahead of the game by constant improvement. Our phone answering software is a state of the art application designed by industry professionals. The software is really user-friendly and allows you to make lots of changes to your call answering services remotely, like altering greetings or extending phone answering time-frames to weekends or 24/7. But we don’t expect our customers to always arrange changes to their services themselves - our customer service team is always available to help make any changes that you need.

5/ At Virtual Headquarters we understand that every business is different. Some of our customers are start-ups just building a client base and others have been in business for decades. Some are one person businesses that are looking for answering services for small business and other have upwards of fifty employees or more across multiple regions. We work for kinds of enterprises from plumbers and electricians to veterinarians, property management companies, designers, lawn care and landscapers and many more. We use our experience every day to help our customers achieve their ambitions.

An Answering Service For Your Small Business

The Best 24/7 Answering Service in America - You Can Trust Our Service

If you have a business that needs to be available 24/7, then the after-hours answering service is perfect for you. We have staff located in the USA, the UK and Australia, so we can always answer your calls 24/7 with a fresh warm friendly voice, no matter what time it is. We use the latest state-of-the-art call management software , you can be sure that your calls will always be handled professionally. Many of our customers need a 24 7 answering service because they have sell their products and services across different time zones in the US or overseas. Let’s say for example you started selling designer clothing in New York at a bricks and mortar but now business is really taking off and you’ve got customers from as far away as Japan and the UK. You will build a loyal lucrative following if you can answer their calls LIVE. They’ll really feel that you’re making an effort to make them feel special.

Do I need to transfer all of my calls to you?

Some business owners are under the misconception that a live answering service is only for businesses that receive lots of calls. The main thing is that we know every business is different and you might not need to use our virtual receptionists for call handling and to answer every call. Many customers choose us for all of their incoming calls while others simply use us for overflow calls at peak times such as during holiday season or in sales campaigns.

Answering is what we do. You can depend on our service to answer your incoming calls

You can depend on us for call screening and to answer your calls during busy periods or when your regular in-house receptionist is off sick or on vacation. The choice is yours. Our telephone answering service can also be exceptionally useful when you have launched a big marketing campaign or you are expecting a lot of calls from a product contest or some sort of customer event. You can use us when you need us and scale things back when you don't. It is totally flexible and totally up to you.

We not only do message taking but can also help with call forwarding, bilingual services, order processing, e-commerce support and remote reception services.

What types of businesses use our LIVE call answering services ?

We find that startups and small operations can really benefit from our telephone answering services. We gives entrepreneurs like you the freedom to focus on the big picture stuff that affects the bottom line instead of getting interrupted by answering business phone calls every second minute. Our call packages have been designed to suit businesses of all sizes and we can always arrange a call plan to suit your needs..

As I mentioned before, our clients come from all across the United States and from all kinds of industries and ventures, so please don’t think that your business couldn’t be helped by our live receptionists. Our virtual receptionists will seem like they are just sitting in your office foyer, and your customers will love talking to a friendly local voice, especially when their call is answered so promptly. So whether you are a financial consultant or a graphic artist, a skilled tradesperson specializing in flooring or roofing or a massage therapist, a nutritionist or a boarding kennel manager, a horse trainer or a realtor – we have answered business phone calls for enterprises just like you

Is business call answering all that we do ?

Our small business answering service can help you with all your call management needs. If you want us to act as the gatekeeper for your business phone calls, we can transfer prioritized calls through to you and take messages and email you the call summaries for others. We are here to direct the traffic, that’s what we do. We can also route phone calls to special alternate numbers or specific members of your team. The main thing is that we handle your call communications, we are the front line - answering and filtering and transferring on behalf of your business. There are a whole range of things that we can help you with , but the main thing is that all your callers will be impressed by the calm friendly professionalism of your call answering services.

Looking for a Cheap Call Answering Service Near You?

When you think about all the benefits you get from our call services it’s a really cost-effective solution. The price is cheap but the benefits are really valuable. We really do provide a high quality professional AND cheap business phone answering service. It is an incredibly affordable call management solution and so versatile and practical. We are versatile because your live receptionists are always ready to answer calls no matter how the volumes fluctuate. If you’ve suddenly got lots of calls coming through it’s not a problem, we have lots of local American receptionists to take those calls – so peak periods are always dealt with smoothly with maximum efficiency. Remember all those times you’ve been left to hold on the line to wait and wait when you’ve called up other businesses?

We make sure your customers don’t get frustrated.

It's funny when you think about it. We can offer cost-effective cheap telephone call answering but the price of not promptly and efficiently answering calls to your business can be really expensive.

The cost for a local virtual receptionist answering service will very much depend on the pricing model of the company that you choose. Most of the companies in the industry will either charge 1/ on receptionist minutes or 2/ a per call basis. A call center will structure call plans that include a set number of either minutes or calls and you will need to pay for each additional minute if you go over that allocation.

Here at Virtual Headquarters we charge on a per call basis because we know that it is the most honest and clear way for our customers to calculate what is the real actual cost of an answering service. We try to keep the cost of our call answering services simple, transparent and easy to understand. No tricks. We also know that you love services that are designed to be flexible, so if you need to scale up and take a call package for more calls and call answering after hours , it’s a simple change. It’s also easy if you need to go the other way and cut back your call management services to a lower size package.

Our business answering service is designed to keep our call center flexible and cost-effective, because we know that these days that’s what every business needs - versatility. That’s why we offer simple pay as you go call answering services instead of some large upfront fee. Our cheap phone call answering pricing like this lets your business stay agile and ready for change instead of getting locked into the old conventional world of locked in long term contracts that hurt the bottom line and don’t give you room to adjust business strategy.

So that’s about it on this overview on our Business Phone Answering Service for American businesses just like yours. We’re proud of what we do and we’d be proud to let our great American virtual receptionists answer your business calls. And now just to remind you how to join us and get ahead of the curve:

Do you just service the USA

Virtual Headquarters is a USA based business and services customers who receive USA based telephone calls. If you receive calls in Australia or in the UK then we have sister companies in those countries that operate using the same technology. If you are interested in getting a virtual receptionist in Australia then you should contact whilst if you are interested in a virtual receptionist in the UK then you should look at Virtual Receptionist London. Interested in a virtual office in Australia? You need to look at Virtual Office Sydney.

How do I get started?

It's really important to us that you understand how our business answering service works. We want you to be comfortable and satisfied from the get-go. That's why we offer a free 7 day trial. Simply sign up on our website or give us a call at 866-454-3599 and one of our friendly customer support staff will be happy to help you get started. With our call answering service, you can be ultra confident that your calls will be answered quickly and efficiently, impressing your customers every day.

Peter Aspin

Frequently Asked Questions

We like to think that we are a quality answering service that you can get for a relatively low cost. If price is one of your important factors in making a choice in terms of which receptionist service to go for then we may be the low cost answering service that you are looking for. One of the great things about our service is that you only need to use us as much as you need, you don’t need to use us all of the time. Some of our clients use us for overflow work while others use us when staff are on vacation. Either way, we will have a low cost answering service option to suit your business. 

Our average small business customer ends up with an answering service cost of around $150 per month which is not too bad when you consider the cost of employing an inhouse receptionist. Answering service cost is quite a variable figure, you could sign up for our lowest package, get no incoming calls and end up with a cost of less than $50. Alternatively, you could sign up for a VR1000 and have our service dealing with calls for a multi branch business with hundreds of staff and the cost would be significantly higher. What we feel is important in relation to answering service cost is that it is good value and matches the size of the business and the throughput. Our mission is to provide a great value and cheap service that helps you to grow your business.

Our aim is to be an affordable answering service for small and medium sized businesses. Whilst we are probably not the cheapest on the market (answering services using offshore call centers will have cheaper salary costs) we believe that we are affordable for almost all small businesses and that we provide a great quality service. If you are after an affordable answering service then you should take advantage of our free trial and give our service a test drive.

In the answering service industry the majority of companies will either be a pay per call answering service or a pay by the minute answering service. Here at Virtual Headquarters we are pay per call. We believe that by charging on a per call basis it makes the billing easier to understand and makes it easier for our customers to budget for their usage and their answering service cost.