Telephone Answering Service USA

It's a competitive world out there. For small businesses trying to break into a new market it is not only expensive but also a lot of hard work.

This is why it is vitally important that you make a great impression on your customers and prospects every single time you communicate with them. Unfortunately, when you are running the show yourself or with only a couple of staff there will be times when you physically aren't capable of answering all of your calls.This is when it makes sense to make use of a telephone answering service like the one offered by Virtual Headquarters.

Let Virtual HQ answer your USA calls

An automated message service is not enough any more. A study carried out in Europe by a major telephone company showed that more than 60% of callers will simply hang up when presented with a recorded message service. What's the bet that the percentage is even higher in the USA where callers are much less patient?

Telephone answering service USA

Instead of taking a chance with a non-performing recorded answering service you could sign up with Virtual HQ and have your incoming telephone calls answered by a live professional receptionist based right here in the USA. Your calls will be answered in your company name with a personalized greeting created by you.

We don't cut corners when it comes to our staff. We understand that it is important for USA based businesses to have their phones answered by a remote receptionist. Our staff are experienced professional telephonists who will impress your callers and help you to build your business.

What are the benefits?

Using a telephone answering service for your business makes good sense. It gives you back valuable time that can be allocated to revenue generating tasks while our experienced professional receptionists take care of your incoming calls.

Will I need to get a new telephone number?

No you won't. You will just need to divert your existing number to a number that we supply. If you need telephone numbers in any of the major cities in the USA then we can help. The number that you are supplied with becomes the number that is answered by a virtual receptionist. If you do want to get a new phone number, you could potentially opt for an 800 number (small additional cost) and get yourself an 800 number answering service.

How much will I end up spending?

An answering service is cheaper than you might expect. Our plans start at $33 per month plus a call charge of $2.99 per call. The average small customer who gets a small business answering service spends around $90 per month however if you are a larger user then we have packages tailored to suit.

Which cities does your service cover?

Our head office and virtual receptionists are located in Phoenix, Arizona however we provide services to customers throughout America. We can supply telephone numbers for all major cities in the US.

So how do I get started?

Why not sign up for a free trial of our answering service and test us out for 7 days at no obligation to you? Alternatively, give one of our friendly sales staff a call on 866 454 3599 today and we can get things started.