About Us – Virtual Headquarters

Here at Virtual Headquarters we have been working at providing virtual solutions for small and medium sized businesses since 2012. Our founders are passionate about helping business owners achieve their dreams by making effective use of cloud based business services.

Research has shown that around 60% of callers will simply hang up the phone if a real person doesn’t answer their call. Here at Virtual Headquarters we add value to our customers businesses by answering those missed calls and feeding back leads and enquiries.

Our aim is to provide virtual solutions for businesses of all sizes and help to give them some of the resources and versatility that they need to better service their customers and take their business to the next level.

Our Values


Above all we believe in delivering value for our customers and doing this with honesty, integrity and transparency. We strive to add value for our customers and to take away some of the less enjoyable aspects of running a business.

Our Team

The Founders

Michael B Davison graduated with a Bachelors degree in Business in 1984. Michael is a serial entrepreneur who has devoted his business life to providing cost effective online business solutions for small business owners. Michael has been involved with the telephone answering industry since 2012 and is constantly investigating new and better technologies for making the small business persons life easier. Michael firmly believes that the best way to grow your own business is to provide an exceptional cost effective service to other businesses.

R Neil Duncan also graduated with a Bachelor of Business degree in 1984 and then completed his MBA in 2005. Prior to starting Virtual Headquarters USA Neil has worked with both small and large businesses in the USA, UK, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand. Neil is passionate about the opportunities that are available by utilising cloud technology and using internet based businesses to add value to startups and growing businesses.

Industries That We Serve

Answering services can be a huge benefit to people across a broad range of industries, here is a small selection of the types of businesses that we serve.

Attorneys and Legal Professionals. Attorneys are generally busy people and can quite often need to focus on a specific task at hand. Having a phone answering service can be a huge benefit by taking away the distractions.

Telecomms Industry. The Telecomms industry can be very fast paced with a lot of activity. Having an answering service can relieve a bit of that pressure.

CPA's and The Finance Industry. Like Attorneys, CPA's can have strict time deadlines on solving problems and need to focus. A virtual receptionist can take away some of the pressure.

Media Agencies. The Media world moves and changes quickly. You can get an edge with the support of a virtual receptionist.

Government Agencies. An answering service can be a great benefit during unexpected surges in incoming calls.

Retail Businesses. Workloads can be unpredictable in retail. We can help with the peaks.

Advertising Companies. We can be there for you when your advert hits and you start receiving lots of calls.

Technology Companies. Projects can range from small to mega. We can help when you need more hands on deck.

Tourism Companies. Tourism can be very seasonal. We can help with the seasonal surges.

Marketing Professionals. We can help when your campaign hits and you need support.

eCommerce Companies. It can be difficult for eCommerce companies to predict their workload. We can help level things out.

The building Industry. In the building Industry you are quite often not available for calls. We can take those calls and send then to you for you to answer them at your convenience.

Real Estate. We can take your calls while you show another client around a property.

Travel Industry. Travel can be seasonal, we can help level out the peaks.

Property management. Our staff are there 24/7 365 days per week. If there is an issue then we can let you know.

IT Consultants. IT consultants can keep their staffing quite lean. We can support your team without being on your payroll.


The Virtual Headquarters service has totally changed the way that we work. We can now focus on getting the work done and answer calls when we have the time. Hannah, CEO, Ivory Day Pty Ltd

It makes a huge difference to our day, we don’t have to worry about getting distracted by spam calls any more. Monique, Head of Operations, Frenchknot

The Virtual Headquarters service has made a significant difference to our business. No more getting distracted when you are right in the middle of a complex task. It has definitely made us more productive. David, Head of Development, 1232web

Giving Back To The Community

Here at Virtual Headquarters we believe in giving back to the community. We donate to a number of worthy causes including a monthly donation to Socket.io who are looking to develop cost effective communication systems for the internet.