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Why get a paging service when you can get yourself a telephone answering service

When modern pager services came onto the scene in the 90's they managed to transform how US businesses worked. Gone were the days of having to wait until you got back to your office to receive that message that you had received an important call. You could now get notified of the call regardless of where you where. Almost instantly the pager allowed small business people to work remotely but still stay in the loop. They also gave small business people the freedom to multi-task and the opportunity to build their businesses without being constrained by an office.


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Virtual Receptionist Services - Just like a Pager Service But Better

Unfortunately paging systems had their limitations. Once your service received a call there was no way that they could actually forward that call through to you. You would simply have to ring back. There was also a problem with the limitations in terms of characters that you could display for any specific message. This character limitation created issues in relation to the understandability of the messages being received.

These days, getting yourself a virtual receptionist makes a lot more sense. With a phone answering service from VirtualHeadquarters.com you can get yourself all of the benefits of the good old fashioned paging system with a whole treasure trove of additional benefits. With our phone answering service you will be able to choose which calls get sent as a message and which ones you want forwarded direct to your landline/cell. Our system allows you to set a whole range of rules in terms of how you want your calls dealt with.

With our telephone answering services you will be able to filter out all of those unimportant calls and focus on the critical ones. This then gives you the opportunity to really focus your attention on growing your business while our receptionist take care of your incoming telephone calls. It really does make good business sense.

So What Makes VirtualHeadquarters.com Different to the rest?

There are plenty of other phone answering companies out there but we believe that we are the best fit for your business

  • We only employ local USA receptionists. Our telephonists are mature skilled professionals who understand how USA businesses work as well as the US business culture.
  • Our telephone answering system is really simple to set up yet really big on functionality. We could be answering your incoming calls in just 10 minutes yet if you require a more complex solution other than just phone answering then we can also help you out.
  • Our virtual receptionist service makes really good financial sense. With our basic package you simply pay a small retainer and then you pay for what you use. What this means is that during slow periods like holidays you don't have to pay huge fees.
  • It is really flexible in terms of how we manage your phone calls. When a call comes in you can receive your message by either email or Text, or alternatively the call could be diverted to a different phone number that you choose. You can mix it up any way that you like.
  • Our systems have been built by experts in the telephone answering industry. We have a good understanding of what you and your staff need to be able to drive your business forward.
  • There are no lengthy contracts. We have more than 5,000 customers around the world and they stay with us because we provide them with an exceptional level of service.

Using an outsourced virtual receptionist service instead of a paging service will give you and your staff an additional layer of flexibility. We will give you a lot more options to help you to take your business further.

How does it all work?

We will provide you with either an 800 number or a local telephone number that you can divert your existing phone number to. Calls that are made to the number that we have provided will then be answered by one of our professional receptionists.

What greeting do they use with my customers?

Whatever greeting that you decide on. You will have total flexibility in terms of the greeting and you can change it at any time.

What if I don't have a physical office?

Our team of receptionists can answer calls for businesses in any USA city including New York, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles.

How do I find out more?

Our friendly sales team are free to take your call on 866-454-3599. Why not try our answering service for 7 days at absolutely no cost to you. Also, if you keep going with the service then for the first 2 months we will give you a 50% discount off your telephone answering.

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