Funeral Home Answering Service : Answering Service For Funeral Homes & Directors

Answering the telephone is one of the most important responsibilities of a funeral home. Given the delicate nature of the calls that come in, it is essential that they are handled with care and professionalism. Many funeral homes choose to outsource their telephone answering to an expert funeral home answering service so that callers can be in contact 24hrs in their time of need. A funeral service can rely on our professional phone answering when their funeral home staff are busy attending funerals, unavailable because they are ensuring the compassionate care for the bereaved.

When selecting answering services it is important to choose one that understands the the funeral industry and will handle calls with the same level of warmth and professionalism as your own staff. The right funeral home answering service can be a valuable asset to your funeral home, providing reliable detail and compassionate understanding to grieving families during their time of need.


You attend to your clients while we focus on that incoming funeral call


One of the most important reasons for a funeral home answer service is to provide access and be available any time of the day or night to take phone calls. It is not uncommon for family and friends to need to contact a funeral home outside of normal business hours, especially on weekends or public holidays. By having a funeral call answering service in place, you can be assured that all phone calls will be answered by a virtual receptionist in a professional and compassionate manner and no important calls will ever be missed. Even those minor changes to the details of a service can matter so much. Answering services for funerals can help to lighten the load for your staff, and leave grieving families with the peace of mind that their phone calls will always be answered. For all these reasons it is so important to use an experienced answering service for funeral homes like We can ensure that an expert live receptionist is always available to take your calls on a 24/7 basis .

How your answering service works

The process for implementing our funeral answer service works is really quite easy. Firstly, when you sign up for an account for your Funeral Directors Answering Service we will allocate a virtual telephone number to your account. This number can either be a local telephone number or an 800 number. This allocated telephone number is the number that we will be answering when we attend to your sensitive calls. If you simply want to use your existing number that’s fine, our call center will link our new number to your number and the calls will come straight through to your new call answering team. Next you just need to tell us how you want us to welcome your callers when they ring your Funeral Home. This scripted greeting can be customized at any time. After that just tell us how you want to receive your messages. You can either receive your call messages via text or via email. With the high percentage of people now using smart phones we find that the majority of our clients opt for an email direct to their phone or desktop.

Our service team will work with your team

We fully understand that there will be some types of calls that you will want to prioritize for our team to transfer straight through to you or your key staff, just give us your instructions and we’ll follow your directions.

Our receptionists for your funeral home

The virtual receptionists that we employ to work in our telephone answering facility call center are mature professional local Americans based in Phoenix Arizona. The receptionists answering callers for your funeral directors answering services are trained professionals. Your virtual receptionist team will answer callers on behalf of your funeral home with the level of dignity that you as a director expect and deserve.

What it costs

At our pricing is very simple and clear. Unlike a number of our competitors we do not charge on a per minute basis. Our funeral home answering services charging structure is based on a per call basis. We have a variety of call packages that we have put together for our customers that include a specific number of calls per month. All you need to do is estimate what you will need. We are also happy to look at custom designing a package specifically for your funeral home.

Funeral home answering service

Interested in finding out more about funeral home answering services? Why not give one of our friendly small business answering service team a call on 866-454-3599 and our call center will be happy to answer all your questions. We also offer a free 7 day trial so you can experience the expert service that our clients rely upon.