Outsourced Virtual Receptionists

Outsourcing your reception service is guaranteed to cut costs while simultaneously boosting the profits and productivity of your successfully growing business. You only pay for what you use but you still get many of the benefits of a dedicated physical receptionist.

With a simple and easy set up process, we could be answering your calls within a matter of minutes! When you sign up to our FREE 7 day trial, you will be allocated a specific number in a city of your choice or a toll free number. You can choose to use this allocated phone number as your company number or have your calls diverted to your own existing number that you may have been advertising on your website or business cards for years. The flexibility is endless and certainly unrivalled in today’s competitive business conditions.

Your own USA based reception team

Rather than try to handle all of your incoming calls yourself, it may make practical and financial sense to look at outsourcing those tasks to a qualified, experienced external company. It is vital for the operation of any successful company that a professional and trustworthy customer service platform is established and maintained. You will see a growing loyalty within your customer base when they feel heard and appreciated, and when their calls are being answered promptly and professionally. Each one of our highly qualified American basedreceptionists receptionists has undergone training as a receptionist and will do their utmost to display your business in its best light when answering your incoming calls. Our friendly and hard working receptionists are at the leading edge of the customer service industry, ultimately giving your customers the peace of mind that your business is one they can rely on.

Outsourced phone answering service

Instead of paying your own in-house receptionist to attend courses to enhance their communication and customer service skills, if you partner with Virtual Headquarters then we will provide our receptionists with the opportunity for ongoing professional development throughout their career to make sure they are answering your company calls promptly and perfectly every time. They can pick up overflow calls, forward calls to you or a work colleague and even take detailed messages if you happen to be unavailable, such as in a meeting or overseas. These messages will then be instantly sent to you via email, text message or both if you choose. Instead of wasting precious time wrangling through unwanted calls, you will have the opportunity to run your business and boost sales.

The benefits of our state of the art telephone answering service in America are endless. Have you ever considered that outsourcing your reception service can also be a cost effective way of building the reputation and national presence of your business? You can choose to have multiple numbers attached to your business in different cities across America, creating the perception that your business is much larger than it really is. For the small cost of answering your phone we can generate a positive reflection of your company across the entire country! This will help take your company to levels in business that you never thought you could reach so quickly.

Outsourced receptionist

Imagine never having to think about organizing your staff again. We can help reduce the unnecessary costs associated with running your own small business, such as providing a premium live answering service at a competitive price. You can now forego the worries of paying your own receptionist staff for sick leave, annual leave or workers compensation insurance. Similarly, you will no longer have to worry about managing who will answer your phone calls if your own receptionist calls in sick or is on their lunch break. With a dedicated team of American based receptionists with you every step of the way, outsourcing your reception service has never been a more economically advantageous and sensible decision.

By outsourcing this integral service, you are also reaping the benefits of working in a team environment. We focus on customer satisfaction and building a strong client base while you focus on driving business sales and increasing revenue. Let us become a seamless part of your team and watch as we rapidly improve the efficiency and reputation of your company for an affordable cost.

Business is complex

Running a business these days is complex. There are so many new tasks and regulations that managers have to keep up with that it is difficult to find the time to actually get their key work done. Wouldn't it make sense to outsource some of your non core tasks to companies like Virtual Headquarters and then give yourself more time to focus on the core tasks. Why have your staff spending their precious time answering telemarketing calls or simply advising your address or fax number to callers. Virtual Headquarters can handle these tasks effectively and professionally and give you back the time that you need to get those core tasks done properly.

Outsourcing makes sense

Outsourcing your telephone answering services is no different to outsourcing other functions like your bookkeeping, your digital marketing or your office cleaning. If it makes logical andfinancial sense then you do it. You don't waste your time emptying the garbage bins in the office, you shouldn't waste your time answering those non productive telephone calls. We can help!

Outsource receptionist

Ultimately, you have the choice to immerse yourself in this shift towards virtual technology and utilize the endless opportunities that our premium telephone answering service can provide your company. By taking advantage of our professional yet affordable outsource receptionist service you will instantly have more time to source products, meet clients and plan business strategies while knowing your clients are being looked after by a professionally trained team of outsourced American based receptionists.

Let us help you get started

We understand that you are time poor in running and growing your existing business. This is why we are happy to offer you a free 7 day trial of our service. The free trial enables you to test things out and fine tune your account set up without having to spend any money. Set up is really easy with our user friendly admin console and generally takes just a couple of minutes. If you are really short of time and would like some help in setting up your account then our customer care staff would be more than happy to help. All you need to do is call us on 866-454-3599 and tell us that you are interested in trying out our 7 day free trial and our friendly staff can walk you through the steps. After the free trial is over we will check in with you to see how it all went. If you were happy with the trial and would like to move forward to a paying account then our staff can also help you with that process. Getting an outsourced reception service makes a lot of business sense.