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Having a Live Virtual Receptionist Can Be a Great Improvement To Your Business

When deciding upon how to handle their overflow calls, after hours calls and calls they simply can't get to many companies are turning to live virtual receptionist services like the one offered by rather than an automated message service. Their client's frustration at the endless phone mazes that you get from automated message services has resulted in a huge demand for live telephonists who can answer your calls when you are not there or when the business is closed. Not only is an answering service a better choice from a customer service point of view, but there can also be some significant savings when compared to having your own internal reception staff.


Receptionists for the internet age


With the arrival of the internet and 24/7 access to information, businesses that don't have a round the clock presence can find themselves falling behind the competition. As a result, many companies have turned to automated phone systems that either route callers through their company directory in a hopeless search for information or they simply greet the customer with an automated message and request that they leave their details. Something as simple as getting a fax number for a particular person can become a frustrating series of pressed buttons that ends in a voice mailbox message that may or may not be for the correct person.

The cloud has enabled the telephone answering industry

Thanks to the development of cloud computing the call answering industry has come a long way in recent years. In the past, small business answering services could only take messages; forget live call connecting. With the advent of live virtual receptionist services, it's even easier for business owners to get the same benefits of an in-house receptionist at a fraction of the price.

Benefits of a live answering service to both small and big businesses include:-

Save time to focus on the big stuff

A live answering service can help the budding entrepreneur who is looking to create a new business or who is trying to boost sales and productivity within an existing business. You may not have sufficient time for all those minute tasks that drive your day-to-day business forward and a virtual receptionist will help you claw back some of that wasted time. Telephone calls can come at any time. If you are not there to take those calls then you can potentially miss out on new customers and potential new sales. Research conducted by a large telecommunications operator has shown that around 70% of customers who are presented with a voicemail message will disconnect rather than leave a message. Not having a live person on the end of the line can actually end up helping your competitors.

The one thing that budding entrepreneur's always seem to be short of is time. While you may want to devote 70% of your time to strategy and reinventing your start-up the problem is that in reality you could spend 70% of your time attending to boring administrative tasks. With a live telephonist from VHQ you will be able to claw back some of that non-productive time and refocus your attention on building your business into something great.

Respond when you want to respond

Having a real person answer each call no matter what the hour means that your customers see that you and your company mean business. It also gives you the luxury of being able to respond to your customer when it suits you rather than having to drop everything to get to that incoming call.

Some people are great at coming up with instantaneous responses to customer queries while others need time to think. If you would like to give yourself a little bit of preparation time then a live telephone answering service makes good practical business sense.

Flexibility when you need it

Another advantage to a live receptionist is the flexibility. If there's a change in the company information or a shift in product branding, all that you need to do is access our admin area or call one of our helpful customer service staff and we can make those changes instantly. No re-recording of message data or calling in the phone tech (and then paying the hourly wage as they make the change). From holiday messages to special sales or announcements, a change in the information you present to your clients or the image of your company is simple to implement with an answering service. In this modern internet based age a live receptionist is a great way to keep your business ahead of the game and provide a great level of service to your customers.

Also, if you have a major marketing drive and you need additional people to answer your phones then we can have additional telephonists there on the phone within minutes. You don't have to worry about recruitment or advertising, our staff can be there when you need them.

Taking appropriate action

Another great perk of having a modern remote receptionist service is that a virtual receptionist can distinguish between types of callers and take different actions accordingly. Since your time is extremely valuable the ability to prioritize calls can be priceless. Let us look after the calls while you look after your business.

We can act on the urgent calls

We don't have to simply take a message. One of the great things about having a live person answer your phone instead of an auto-attendant or voicemail is the ability of that real person to make quick judgements based on your instructions. If there is an emergency or a caller that you have designated as being important then your virtual staff member can act upon your instructions and can send that caller to your cell to let you know the situation right away.

Where are your receptionists located?


We operate a high tech call centre in Phoenix Arizona where the bulk of our professional staff are located. We have customers located throughout the US.


How are my messages delivered?

Your messages will be delivered by either text (small fee involved) or email. Most people opt for the email option as we find that nowadays most business people have smart phones which enable you to receive emails wherever you are.


I want to give it a try, what do I do next?

We offer a 7 day free trial on our answering service. You can either sign up online on our sign up page or you can call one of our friendly customer service reps on 866-454-3599. We will be very happy to help you through the entire process. Let help you build your business!


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