Virtual assistant service

It makes good financial sense to go virtual. When you employ a physical office assistant you not only need to pay out a salary cost but you can also be up for state taxes, medicare, unemployment insurances and pension plans. When you make use of a virtual assistant through Virtual HQ you just need to pay for the time that your VA works. We even charge by the minute so you only ever pay for the time that you have actually used. In addition, with our service you can scale things up really quickly when you need to. If you have a marketing campaign happening or you have a new product launch going on you can scale things up in a matter of hours. Try doing that with an in-house staff member.


The key features

Our outsourced cloud office services are extremely flexible and are ideally suited to the modern American small business. Here are just a few of the tasks that your VA can carry out remotely via the cloud:

Answering incoming calls

Just like our Virtual Receptionist Service, our fully trained virtual receptionist staff can answer your incoming telephone calls. Our staff can take messages from your callers (which can be forwarded to you via email or text) or can transfer your incoming calls to a phone number that you have nominated, eg. your home phone, cell phone or a colleague's number. It is really like having your own personal executive assistant who answers your calls in a professional manner and then expertly deals with those calls. Think of how much time will be made available for dealing with more strategic issues.

Gathering information for your business

Need to gather information from people calling your business? Why not use our virtual assistant service to intercept all of your incoming calls and gather the information that you need from your callers. Our professional assistants are experts at gathering the important information that you need. Information is king, so imagine what you will be able to do with all of that valuable information about what your customers think of your current services, what additional services they might be interested in getting and why they stay with your business. All this for a really reasonable price.

Handling incoming enquiries

How often do you have people calling you up to simply request information or find out what your fax number is? Our virtual assistants will be able to handle a broad range of enquiries for your business. All you do is supply them with the appropriate data and they can manage the rest. Maybe callers are ringing to request a branch address in a particular state or the price of a specific inventory item that you stock. Regardless of the question, if you supply our VAs with the appropriate data then they can field those questions. Think of the time you will save for you and your team.

Support at an executive level

At Virtual HQ, we make use of the very latest in cloud technology to deliver a first class line up of services to you our customer. Our professional virtual assistants and our answering service staff are experienced at dealing with executives at all levels and will put both you and your callers at ease. We provide a range of office services to businesses across the USA and take pride in our ability to free up company executives to allow them to focus on the more strategic aspects of running a business and most importantly making more money. It makes sense to employ a competent assistant to take care of a lot of those administrative tasks while you focus on the big picture.