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Flexible when it counts

Your personalized call answering package can provide anything from one phone call a day, or one hour a day when your staff are at lunch, to full 24-hour coverage. You only pay for what you need.

The Virtual HQ team

Our team of experienced, professional receptionists are all here in the USA. You get the best first impression at a fraction of the cost.

How the Virtual HQ service works

1. Sign up for a FREE trial and get your number instantly

When you sign up for a no obligation 7-Day FREE Trial of our telephone answering service you will be allocated a phone number in a city of your choice or a Toll Free number if you prefer.

2. Use this number or forward your existing number to it

Now you have your telephone number, you can either use this number as your main business number or you can divert your existing number to this number.

3. Enter the greeting you want us to use and any other notes for our receptionists

Using your log in, you can update your greeting at any time, so we we greet customers exactly the way you desire plus YOU decide if you want calls transferred or a message taken. Add specific instructions or information to "arm" your receptionist with all they need to know.

4. We start answering calls instantly!

We are now ready to start answering your calls. Our friendly American receptionists will greet your customers and prospects with your greeting and then either email or text you with the details of the call or forward the calls to another phone number. Try it!

Why risk your prospects

Research carried out on thousands of consumers showed that more than 60% of callers will hang up rather than leave a message on an automated answering service. The majority of these first time callers will then simply ring the next business down the list and never actually call you back. This means that you not only lose a potential customer but you also help out your competitors!

For just a few dollars a month you can make sure that your prospective customers encounter a live American receptionist rather than an automated service. It really does make good business sense to sign up with Virtual HQ.

Call transfer direct to you

In some circumstances you may not be available to take a call on your office phone however you might be available elsewhere. In these situations you can select a status of "Available for call transfer" from our console and our friendly receptionists will then use your "Find me" numbers (cell phone, home office, hotel room etc.) to locate where you are and introduce the call. Our system really is very flexible.

Message handling

When you are unavailable and you don't wish to take a call you can select a status of "Do Not Disturb". When you have selected "Do Not Disturb" and you get an incoming call our professional receptionists will ask for a message from your caller.They will then forward that message to you via email and/or text. The message will be in your inbox only minutes after the caller hanging up. It's so efficient!

Calls transferred to a colleague

If required, our system has been built to be able to transfer your incoming calls to a colleague or department (eg. Accounts, Sales, IT, etc) if required. This would be done based on instructions provided by you using a phone number directory that you have provided.

Information given to callers

A lot of incoming calls these days are simply requests for information on your business. No problem, our professional receptionists can let callers know what your business does, company web address, street or postal address, parking information and much more.

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In a matter of minutes from now we could be answering your incoming calls!

Whether you are located in the USA or somewhere else in the world our professional receptionists are waiting to answer your calls in a prompt and efficient manner. Why not test us out and see why more than 7000 global customers use us.

Get yourself a 7 Day FREE Trial now and try our Virtual Answering service yourself!

Our customers love us. The biggest complaint we hear is: "I had absolutely no idea that this service existed, it has changed my life and my business. Our customers say that quite often their callers think that 'our receptionist' is sitting right there in their own office." So many of our customers say that they wish that they had discovered the Virtual HQ services years ago.

Professional Call Answering Services

When you sign up for a call answering service you need to be sure that it is with a company that you can rely on to get the job done properly every time.

You never know when that all important call is going to come in. Unfortunately it could be at the same time as a bunch of other less important calls and it may end up being diverted to your automated answering service. It doesn't need to be like this. With the professional telephone answering services offered by Virtual HQ all of your incoming calls will receive the attention that they deserve and you can prioritize those really important ones. Virtual HQ offer a flexible month to month phone answering service that can be customized to suit the needs of your specific business. Your personalized package can provide anything from full 24-hour coverage to as little as one call per day or a one hour per day service to cover you when your in-house receptionist takes lunch. Whether you need a regular 9 to 5, all year round phone coverage service or you just need some additional coverage during an especially busy period we can help you out. We have the flexibility to meet your call answering needs. This leaves you with more time to focus on your business and focus on earning more money. Why not call our office now and set up your own Virtual Receptionist service? The whole process takes just 30 seconds when you use our FREE trial set up process.

First impressions count for everything in business. If a new customer rings your business then you want to be sure that the person who is answering that call gives your business the best possible chance. Here at Virtual HQ we employ dedicated, experienced American receptionists who will be the friendly, professional and helpful voice on the other end of the line. Unlike many of our competitors we don't cut corners (and costs) by employing offshore call center workers to answer your calls. Our professional receptionists are local American staff who care about your calls and who will help you put your best foot forward. Our team of business-focused receptionists are the perfect choice for your business and can provide the solution to your daily phone answering needs. Outsourcing your call answering to us can save as much as 60% of the cost of an in-house receptionist. Our team will be really focused on making you and your business look good. We don't believe in locking our customers into long contracts. We have over 7,000 customers around the world and they stay with us because we provide great services and a really flexible system. It really is a win-win. We provide you with a brilliant level of service and you focus on business.

Virtual HQ

We focus on calls. You focus on business.
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