Make the most of the cloud

Staying connected in business today has never been so important in our technologically advanced world. Operating through a virtual medium, such as the cloud, allows for secure communication and effective company operation irrespective of whether employees are travelling overseas, in an office or on their mobile.

You have probably already considered saving money and improving your efficiency by using cloud based storage. Instead of on-premises storage for your company data, cloud based storage gives you the flexibility to store important company information in one safe location. You and your business colleagues can directly access the files irrespective or where you are located in the world. It allows you to collaborate with other local or global business partners by having the same access to information 24/7. Why not take more aspects of business virtual? It makes smart financial sense.


Your own USA reception team


It is so important for companies to create a professional reputation for their business. This is why a friendly and highly qualified customer service team is so integral to the success and national presence of your company. The superior combination of the virtual telephone and a call answering service allows for your company calls to be answered by a trained team of American based receptionists. Each of our reliable and knowledgeable receptionists have years of customer service experience and continue to undergo professional development throughout their career. This ensures that they are not only keeping up to date with the shift in modern technology and state of the art phone systems, but also answering your company calls promptly and perfectly every time.

With a FREE 7 day trial and no long term contracts, we are giving you the opportunity to experience how our premium virtual telephone answering service can enhance the productivity, efficiency and global presence of your business in both the short and long term. You will find you will have more time to work on enhancing the growth and success of your business instead of wasting your valuable time routing through unwanted calls.

Once our company allocates your business a phone number, you have two choices. You can either divert your existing number to the allocated number we provide your company or you can choose to use the number we allocate you as your own company number. You then have the flexibility to choose how our qualified American-based receptionists greet your customers when they call. We ensure that your customers will feel heard and appreciated every time. Your calls can then be forwarded directly to you or another staff member or instead a detailed message can be taken and instantly forwarded to you via email, text message or both. The shift into the virtual world has meant employees can remain productive and accessible everywhere and anywhere.

One of the ideal advantages of operating through a cloud-based platform is that you are able to change your availability status anywhere and anytime. Our company is exactly what you need it to be. If you were once available for call transfer but are now busy in a meeting, you can amend your settings either through our website or even through your iPhone or Android smartphone device. We can pick up overflow calls, handle order requests, respond to questions with your specific company information (such as your company address) and provide you with a consistent company image. Everything is customized to ensure a seamless transition between your company and ours.

Have you ever considered taking your whole business virtual? Cloud based storage such as dropbox or OneDrive is a very cost effective and efficient way of managing your business by securely storing your company data. Instead of wasting space and storing company files in your office, you can have the peace of mind that your company data is safely secured in the cloud. Company users can view files from any smartphone device, computer or tablet that is connected to the Internet. With unlimited flexibility, you will never have to worry about secure storage again.

The cloud can also be used as a backup service, which will ensure important company files are not lost if your computer is lost, damaged or stolen. The ability to sync company data across multiple devices (including your smartphone or tablet device) provides a level of flexibility that allows for an increase in the level of company collaboration and ideas. Making the most of the cloud allows for multiple users to access and edit the same information regardless of where they are in the world. By utilizing these virtual services, you are receiving all the benefits of being able to access information anywhere at anytime while knowing it is being securely stored.

With over 7000 clients globally, we guarantee that you will be providing your company with a competitive advantage by switching to cloud based services, such as our elite virtual receptionist service. Let our qualified team of American-based receptionists handle your company calls exactly the way you would and watch your business grow and thrive!