Premium Live Call Answering Service

Have you considered a live telephone answering service for your Illinois business?

Considering a phone answering service for your Illinois based company?

We have assembled a team of friendly, mature, professional American receptionists just for you.

Our virtual receptionist team can answer all your phone calls in a professional and welcoming manner so you never lose a prospect or a customer due to a missed call or bad phone service again!


Why do businesses like yours use a live call answering service?


A major reason companies opt for a live answering service is that they are missing calls.

When you don’t pick up a call, that caller will likely just move on to the next company in their list. Now, not only have you lost a lead but you have given your competitor a possible customer!

Having a friendly receptionist answer every call helps you to gain your customers' respect and loyalty, building stronger customer relationships.

A professional reception service can drive productivity improvements

  • The reason a lot of small business owners in Chicago introduce a phone answering service is that they are simply juggling too much and it is impacting their productivity.
  • If you are trying to answer all your calls, you are not getting your most productive work done.
  • What is the true cost of that to your business? How does it impact staff morale when your staff are being interrupted to answer calls?
  • Leave your phone calls to our mature virtual reception team while you focus on sales and customer service to build your company.

It only takes a few minutes to set up the service and we can be answering and handling calls exactly the way you require. Let us focus on what we do well and you focus on what you do best - selling and serving your customers!

An in-house receptionist vs a Live Answering Service?


For larger Chicago based businesses, you may be considering hiring an in-house receptionist. There are a number of reasons why a phone answering service is a better decision for your company.


With a Virtual Receptionist you are paying for only what you use. An in-house receptionist has a set wage regardless of the number of calls they are answering. With us, you can tailor your subscription to your needs so you are only paying for what you need.


Flexibility! Our service is only month to month with no long term contracts so you can cancel any time. With in-house employees it is difficult to terminate same day! With Virtual Headquarters you can.


A receptionist comes with set hours whereas we can work around the clock for you, 24/7! We will answer calls when your receptionist would have been out of the office, on their lunch break or away sick.


Set up is super quick and easy. You can have our receptionists working for you in minutes from now. Let us manage the call answering process. Think about how much time and effort you would spend on finding, hiring and managing your own receptionist? What is the real cost of that time?


We can answer many calls at once. Even if you only get a small number of calls a day, if these come through at the same time there’s no way an in-house receptionist can answer multiple calls at once, and no one likes being put on hold! This is another benefit of working with Virtual Headquarters and our professional team of receptionists.


Present a national image rather than just a local Illinois presence

We can give you a strong local presence in Chicago Illinois or a more national presence across America. With the availability of local numbers in all major cities across America as well as toll free numbers, our live telephone answering service can help you build the image you desire for your company.


How can I set up my call Answering Service?

If you have any questions contact us today on 866-454-3599 or sign up for a FREE trial by clicking on the free trial icon on this page! No strings attached, no credit cards required. Try us out today!


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