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A Remote Receptionist Service Really Does Make Good Sense

Employing yourself a full time receptionist will cost a lot of cash. Not only are you potentially up for $40 - $50k in salary cost but you will also have to pay pension, insurance, holiday pay, sick pay and much more. On top of all this, when your internal staff member is off sick or away on leave you will need to pay for a replacement staff member to come in and do their job. There is definitely a better way.

Outsource Your Receptionist staff

Outsourcing your phone answering to Virtual Headquarters simply makes a whole lot of sense fiscally and practically. How often have you been right in the middle of an important task when all of a sudden the phone rings. Previously you would have had to drop everything to take that call only to find that more than 50% of the calls where either minor or simply a telemarketing call. This does not have to be the case anymore. When you make use of the services provided by Virtual Headquarters our professional receptionists will be there to take those incoming calls when you can't get to them. If you have a marketing campaign running or you have an especially busy period coming up then we can have as many receptionists on tap as you need.

Our live receptionists work from our high tech office location in Phoenix Arizona. Because we employ many remote receptionists we are able to get economies of scale and will always have someone available to take your incoming call. It ends up being a win/win situation, you get to focus on making more money for your small business while we answer those incoming calls professionally. Unlike some of our competition we don't believe in sending our call answering to cheap overseas call centers. Our professionally trained receptionists are based here in the USA.

It makes good business sense

It can make really good fiscal sense. Some of our customers report saving as much as 60% of the cost of having an in-house receptionist. That's a serious saving for a small business or start up!

How Will It Work

Our live remote receptionist service works seamlessly. Firstly, you register for a free 7 day trial and we allocate you a local or 800 number. You will then be able to use this phone number as your main business number if you want or you can divert your existing telephone number to the number that has been allocated.

You then let us know the personalised greeting that you would like our professional receptionists to use when they answer your incoming calls. This greeting is not set in stone. You will be able to change it at any time that you like by simply logging in to our admin center and making the changes. You can also contact our friendly customer care representatives and they will be happy to help you make your changes.

When the incoming calls come through to our trained staff they will answer the call in around 6 rings. The caller will then be greeted with your pre agreed greeting. Depending upon how you want your calls actioned you can then either receive an email with details of the message an SMS detailing the message or you can have the call forwarded to a separate phone number.

No lengthy contracts

We don't believe in locking our customers into long contracts. Our customers stay with us because we provide a brilliant level of service for a very affordable price.

Take our service for a test drive

The whole process works like a dream. Why not test drive our receptionist service for 7 days at no cost to you. If you need further information about what we do and how we do it then please give our customer care representatives a call on 866-454-3599 and we will be very happy to help.

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