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Looking at starting a business in New York? Getting yourself a telephone answering service can be a really cost effective way of giving your business the flexibility that it will need as it grows. Virtual Headquarters is a local US based answering service that offers a broad range of packages for small and medium sized organizations. Let Virtual Headquarters focus on answering customer telephone calls while you focus on building your business.

How our answering service works

1. You sign up for our FREE 7 Day Answering Service - Get a number instantly

Customers who register for our 7 Day no obligation FREE Trial will be allocated with a telephone number for the city of your choice. If you don't want a local number then you alternatively you can get a Toll Free number instead.

2. Either use the phone number in your business or forward calls to it

Once you have your allocated telephone number you can either make use of the number as one of your business numbers or alternatively you can forward your current business number to the phone number that has been provided. It is really quite flexible!

3. Let us know how you want your customers greeted on their call

When you first set up your account you will let us know how you want our live receptionists to greet your callers when we answer your calls. This greeting can be changed at any time by logging into our portal via a PC or our iPhone or Android Apps. You will also need to tell us how our call center should send you your messages, ie by SMS or email.

4. Pretty much instantly we can start answering those calls!

Once we put your service live you are ready to go! VHQ can start receiving your incoming phone calls. Our team of professional virtual receptionists will answer with the greeting have provided to greet your callers and if necessary (ie, if you are unavailable) they will take note of the callers details and any message prior to emailing or SMS'ing that message through to you.

Telephone Answering Service - Answering Is What We Do

Getting a telephone answering service for your small business makes really good sense. These days small business owners are constantly being bombarded with email's telephone calls, SMS messages as well as physical mail. A virtual receptionist gives you the opportunity to outsource the taking of all those distracting calls to a call handling service. Think of all of the extra work you will be able to get done when you have a 24 7 answering service taking your incoming calls. Using a call center for your business makes sense. Even if we save you one hour a day to focus on strategy it will make a difference!

How Do Answering Services/Virtual Receptionists Work

If you break it down to it's simplest form, a telephone answering service is an external business that you forward your incoming calls to, they then interact with your callers, take a message and forward that message through to you or one of your staff via email or SMS.

A Service With Flexibility

Here at Virtual Headquarters we offer far more than a basic answering service, our answering service lets you switch our service on and off via an app, our service lets you change your greeting at any time and also lets you put in multiple numbers that we can try you on if you are unavailable on your main number. If you are off travelling for business or pleasure you can either let us know the direct number of your hotel or you can simply nominate other staff members to take your calls. It is really like having your own reception person on call but they are virtual.

Telephone Answering Services - Remote Makes Sense

Something to take account of when picking avirtual receptionist partner for your New York business is the method used to charge for calls. In the telephone answering industry you will find that companies either charge by the minute or by the call. This creates a problem for new customers when comparing the plans offered by different suppliers. Here at Virtual Headquarters we charge by the call for our remote receptionist services. To help you with comparing our services with other suppliers the average length of the calls that we answer here at Virtual Headquarters is approximately 1.5 minutes. Therefore, if you are comparing our plans with a competitor who bills by the minute then our 100 call plan would be roughly 150 minutes. We believe that by billing in calls we take away a lot of the risk for the customers. You have a good idea of how many calls you get and consequently should be able to estimate which package would suit you best. Answering service pricing that makes sense.

Our Service Is Flexible

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose our service as opposed to the services of our competitors. These include that with our service we won't lock you in to a long term contract, the fact that our software has been developed in-house by telephone answering experts, the ease with which you can make changes to your account, upgrade or downgrade your plan, add additional phone numbers to your service or change your greeting.

Your Business Will Be In Good Company

Here at Virtual Headquarters we have thousands of small business customers using our service. Our customers operate in a range of different industries including Attorneys, CPA's, IT Professionals, Medical Consultants, Internet Entrepreneurs, eCommerce Businesses, Funeral Directors looking for afuneral home answering service plus lots more. Getting an answering service really makes good business sense if you are have just started out your business has limited financial resources and needs a cost effective service. A Virtual Receptionist Service can also make sense for SMB's that only operate between the hours of 9 and 5. With a virtual receptionist service from VHQ we can cover your phone calls 24/7 365 days per year. Our dedicated team of receptionists can help you to grow your company and take things to the next level.

Why not test drive our Virtual Receptionist Service for 7 days at absolutely no cost to you. There is absolutely no obligation to take things further after the trial. We do not take your credit card details when you sign up and we will not bombard you with emails afterwards. What have you got to lose, we could be answering your telephone calls in just minutes from now!

How Can A Remote Answer Service Help Small Business

Picture this: a small business, bustling with activity. Customers are calling, but there's no time to answer every customer call. Sounds stressful, doesn't it? But what if there was a solution? Enter answering services. These services are like a magical helper, always ready to pick up the phone and assist your customers.

How do these services work? They operate live, with real people answering calls in real-time. These live agents provide information, take messages, and even book appointments. Having a live person answer calls makes customers feel valued. It tells them that their needs are important, and that's sure to make them keep coming back.

But that's not all. Answering services also offer after-hours support. That means even when the business is closed, these live agents are there, ready to assist. Think about it, the chance to provide live, round-the-clock support without having to stay up all night? These services sound like a dream come true for any small business owner.

What's more, these services free up precious time. Instead of spending hours on the phone, small business owners can focus on other aspects of their business. They can work on new ideas or improve their services, knowing that the live agents of the answering services have their back.

And the best part? Answering services are cost-effective. Answering services provide all these benefits without the need to hire a full-time receptionist. Plus, these live agents are trained professionals. They know how to handle different types of calls and can provide top-notch service every single time.

answering services are like a magic wand for small businesses. Answering services provide live, professional support, free up time, offer after-hours assistance, and do it all without breaking the bank. So, if you're running a small business or planning to start one, consider investing in a small business answering service for your customer calls. These services just might be the game-changer you're looking for!

How Do You Charge

Here at VHQ we charge on a per call basis. We also offer cost effective packages where plans include a set number of calls, we have a number of packages that suit businesses of different sizes. You can also move up or down with packages as your call volume increases or decreases. As your volume increases the rates that you pay for call also tends to decrease.

Many of our competitors charge for their answering services based on receptionist minutes and have packages based on minutes. Once you have used all of your minutes you need to pay a fee for each additional minute.

Are You USA Based

Yes, we are based in Phoenix Arizona. We also have operations in Australia and The UK so if you are after a virtual receptionist in Sydney or an answering service in London then we can also help you out!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

You don't have to take our word for it. Test out the answering service for yourself with a 7 day free trial. You can take our answering services for a test drive for your customer calls and you don't have to provide a credit card. We are sure that once you finish your free trial you will agree with us that an answering service makes good business sense.

Give Us A Call To Sign Up

If you give us a call on 866-454-3599 we can sign you up for an answering service today. Alternatively if you click on the "Try it now" button below, you can sign up online for your answering service.

FREE 7 Day Trial
(with NO Obligation and NO Credit Card required)

Doing Business In New York

In our modern hectic business world starting a new business can be a hectic process with regulations, licensing and tax registrations etc. One of the most important decisions you will make in terms of operating your US business is which state are you going to physically locate this business in. With online trading and sophisticated delivery systems it is possible for small businesses to have customers across the USA and across the world however you will still need to settle on a local US state to have as your headquarters and to use for your business registration and other services.

New York is known to be one of the greatest cities in the world. The reason it has become what it is today, is mainly due to the global forces, and of course New York’s outstanding traditional strengths. New York counts with an impressive 9.5 million inhabitants, making New York City the largest city in the united states of America. Thanks to the leading and influential role in commerce, finance, media, public relations, art, fashion and education it is one of the major world cities and influences much that happens in the international business world.

Doing business in New York can be a bit of a challenge however if you can get it right then the opportunities are amazing. In New York state there are in excess of 2 million small businesses registered. While many of these are one and two man operations there are others that are growing rapidly and providing services to people all over the world, with small businesses contributing more than 50% to New York’s export income. To some extent New York state is a magnet for small businesses given that more than 99% of businesses in the state of NY are classified as small and employ upward of 4 million people. (

Setting up business in the big apple is not all rosy. NY state has a number of regulations that could be called complex. If you do decide to set up your small business in New York then it is advisable to consult a local CPA and a local attorney prior to getting started. The attorney should hopefully be able to help you with any permits or licenses that may be required to provide your services or operate your chosen field of business in New York.

Answering Service New York NY, USA

New York City NY Main Zip Codes

10001 , 10002 , 10003 , 10004 , 10005 , 10006 , 10007 , 10008 , 10009 , 10010 , 10011 , 10012 , 10013 , 10014 , 10015 , 10016 , 10017 , 10018 , 10019 , 10020 , 10021 , 10022 , 10023 , 10024 , 10025 , 10026 , 10027 , 10028 , 10029 , 10030 , 10031 , 10032 , 10033 , 10034 , 10035 , 10036 , 10037 , 10038 , 10039 , 10040 , 10041 , 10043 , 10044 , 10045 , 10046 , 10047 , 10048 , 10055 , 10060 , 10069 , 10072 , 10079 , 10080 , 10081 , 10082 , 10087 , 10090 , 10094 , 10095 , 10096 , 10098 , 10099 , 10101 , 10102 , 10103 , 10104 , 10105 , 10106 , 10107 , 10108 , 10109 , 10110 , 10111 , 10112 , 10113 , 10114 , 10115 , 10116 , 10117 , 10118 , 10119 , 10120 , 10121 , 10122 , 10123 , 10124 , 10125 , 10126 , 10128 , 10129 , 10130 , 10131 , 10132 , 10133 , 10138 , 10149 , 10150 , 10151 , 10152 , 10153 , 10154 , 10155 , 10156 , 10157 , 10158 , 10159 , 10160 , 10161 , 10162 , 10163 , 10164 , 10165 , 10166 , 10167 , 10168 , 10169 , 10170 , 10171 , 10172 , 10173 , 10174 , 10175 , 10176 , 10177 , 10178 , 10179 , 10184 , 10185 , 10196 , 10197 , 10199 , 10203 , 10211 , 10212 , 10213 , 10242 , 10249 , 10256 , 10257 , 10258 , 10259 , 10260 , 10261 , 10265 , 10268 , 10269 , 10270 , 10271 , 10272 , 10273 , 10274 , 10275 , 10276 , 10277 , 10278 , 10279 , 10280 , 10281 , 10282 , 10285 , 10286 , 10292

New York NY Area Codes

Here are some of the main telephone area codes in New York, NY 212, 315, 332, 347, 516, 518, 585, 607, 631, 646, 716, 718, 845, 914, 917 and 929.

Looking For An International Receptionist Service?

Virtual Headquarters has sister companies in The UK and Australia. If you are looking for a virtual receptionist or a virtual office in Australia then you should check out Virtual Office Sydney whilst if you are looking for a virtual receptionist in the UK you should check out Virtual Receptionist London.