Life is too short to waste it sitting behind a desk answering calls. Focus on building the business that you have always dreamt of and leave the telephone answering to the professionals at Virtual HQ.

Great Prices

Unlike many of our competitors we don't believe in cutting corners with when it comes to answering your calls. We don't use third party offshore call centers to answer calls. Your callers will be answered by our professional team of American receptionists using state of the art internet based answering service technology. Your callers will think that our professional telephonists are sitting at a reception desk in the office right next to you and your staff.

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Structure For Growth

The world keeps on throwing curve balls at your business and you need to keep on adapting. COVID 19 came as a huge shock and businesses needed to find alternative ways to work to keep things going. We soon realized that there are alternative ways to do things that may also reduce our costs. Managers need to continually look for ways to work more efficiently without impacting customer satisfaction. An expert live answering service is a great solution to meet today's challenges.

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Fully Trained

Our team of skilled US based virtual receptionists are committed to presenting your business in the best possible light, whether it's a national holiday, after hours or during a busy work day. Our aim is to answer 95% of phone calls within 6 rings and we can answer phone calls 24/7, 365 days per year. We are your reliable phone answering partner who can answer calls while you sleep or are in meetings, while you are visiting clients or while you are on your holiday break.

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Get your FREE 7 Day Trial NOW

When you sign up today you'll get a FREE 7 day trial to see just how great our service really is!

Answering service solutions that are affordable

Running a small business or medium sized business you are quite often expected to multi-task. One minute you are out meeting customers, the next minute you are expected to be the IT professional and fix a computer software bug or you are suddenly forced to negotiate component delays from a key provider. All the while you are expected to be answering all of those inbound calls and dealing with the enquiries and ensuring each phone call results in happy customers.

There is an easier way! With a call answering service from Virtual HQ, we can give you back the time, that precious time to focus on the key challenges, time to think and create and solve problems. Our professional virtual receptionist team will answer customer calls and filter out the time wasters and answer the FAQs and make sure that you are notified efficiently on the important calls that you’ve directed us to prioritise for your attention. We focus on answering calls, because that’s our expertise and we support you to target your energy on your business.

It really is an affordable service to use. We can set up our basic call answering service for your business from only $25 per month - and just to let you know, the average small business spends around $50 per month. Not a lot of money for the peace of mind that your calls are being handled promptly and professionally. We are so confident in our phone answering services that we are happy to let you try it out for 7 days at no cost to you. It really is a no obligation trial with no need to provide any credit card details.

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Setting Up With Our Live Answering Service

When you apply for a no obligation 7 Day FREE Trial of our virtual receptionist services we provide you with a local telephone number or an 800 number. This telephone number will be the number that your calls will be answered at. You can either use this number or divert your existing number to this number for your receptionist services team to handle. You will also be given access to our world class custom-made control panel. The control panel gives you the power to tell us how you want callers greeted, how you want your inbound calls prioritised and handled when our virtual receptionist answers them and how you want to receive messaging about the calls - email or SMS text? The process is very user friendly, but if there is anything you are not sure about, don’t hesitate to check with our customer care. The control panel can be accessed in two different ways, either login via our web page or you can access the control panel via our iPhone and Android apps. Once logged in to the control panel you can change your settings. You can set your profile to "do not disturb" if you want to restrict any incoming calls or you could tell us to transfer urgent calls to a colleague or alternate phone. It is all extremely flexible.

You Will Be In Good Company

Our virtual phone answering services handle calls for more than 7,000 businesses. The clients supported range from one person businesses all the way up to large international enterprises. International businesses find that a live call answering service is the perfect solution when your clients are across multiple time-zones. Just engage a 24/7 answering service and relax. The VHQ live answering service is also very popular with attorneys and law firms, CPA's, IT professionals, management consultants, financial services agents, real estate agents, architects, web design companies, small scale manufacturers, cleaning and maintenance services and many more. We regularly hear customers say that the reliability and personalized attention of our virtual receptionist services has made such a dramatic difference to their business. Improve your image to clients. Never miss a call and grab opportunities. See the bigger picture and get future-proofed with professional call management.

Your Account Can Grow With Your Business

Many of our business phone answering service customers start with a basic answering service and increase their package as they grow. With our services you can choose an answer service package that suits your business at a specific time and then adjust that virtual receptionist services package at any time in the future. Upscale or downscale. Whatever you need. Add on a service to cover national holidays, expand the reach to customers by offering live answering outside of normal business hours – your live answering service offers versatility and flexibility. We won’t try to lock you in with complex long-term contracts. We are one a successful professional live answering services simply because we provide our clients with a versatile service they can trust.

We Charge By The Call, Not The Minute

When you look into the costs involved with a telephone answering service you will see that a large number of our competitors are charging for their services on a per minute basis rather than a per call basis (we charge per call). From our experience "per minute" passes the risk of longer calls on to the consumer with the provider reducing their risk. Here at we believe in providing a level of certainty to our customers. Our customers do not know how many minutes’ worth of calls they receive but they usually have a pretty good idea in terms of how many actual calls they receive. Our average call length is around 1.5 minutes so this means that if you are looking at the various answering service companies and are trying to compare apples with apples then our 100-call package would give you around 150 minutes. When you run the comparison you see that we are actually providing a great value virtual receptionist service.

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