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First impressions really do count and the first impression that your prospects are going to have with your company is most likely going to be via the person who is answering your phones. Despite your good intentions, if you are having to jump from one task to the next it is unlikely that you give your callers the attention that they deserve.

But what if employing your own in-house receptionist is financially out of reach or impractical? A call answering service is the perfect solution. You only pay for what you use and our American receptionists give your customers a friendly, professional welcome that will create the right first impression for your business. It's cost effective and convenient.


Your own USA receptionist service


Rather than rushing your calls or leaving them to go through to an automated answering service you can have your calls answered by a live US based receptionist. Virtual HQ answers incoming calls for thousands of happy customers and for a small fee could be taking care of your incoming telephone calls as well.

Here at Virtual HQ we don't believe in scrimping on quality. Unlike many of our competitors we employ local American receptionists based here in the USA to answer your calls. If we can make you look good and add value to your business then we will look good in the process. It really is a win/win.

The process of signing up for your own virtual receptionist is so easy. Once you sign up for a free 7 day trial we allocate you a local telephone number in a city of your choice. You can either use this phone number as your main number or you can divert your current number to our number. Once you have diverted your phone then we are ready to get started.

So why should I go with Virtual HQ?


We think that there are plenty of reasons, here are a couple of them.

  • Delegating your call answering to us means that you are free to focus on some of the more strategic aspects of your business. We focus on calls and you can focus on sales and profits.
  • You can use us as much or as little as you want. Some customers divert all of their calls to us while others simply use us for overflow. It is totally controlled by you and can be changed easily via our online portal.
  • Our receptionists are all trained mature professionals who live here in the USA. They will answer your calls promptly and efficiently and will use a greeting that has been previously agreed with you.
  • It doesn't cost a fortune to use our services. You can get started from as little as $15 per month and $2 per call. It's really cheap for peace of mind.
  • We won't lock you in to a long term contract. Our customers stay with us because we provide an exceptional level of service.
  • Our systems are really intuitive to use and have been written with small businesses in mind. They allow for a lot of flexibility.

Many of our customers have reported making some significant cost savings by replacing their in-house receptionist with our call answering service. Some customers have saved as much as 60% of the cost of having an in-house receptionist.

Will I need to give you all my calls?


Not at all, some customers use us for all of their incoming call traffic while others simply use us for overflow. Others use us when their in-house receptionist is at lunch or on leave, while others use us during marketing campaigns. It is all up to you.


How much does an average customer pay?

Every customer is unique however we tend to find that the average small business customer will spend around $50 per month. This really is just a fraction of the cost of employing your own reception staff.


What cities do you operate in?

Our head office is in Phoenix, Arizona however we have customers throughout the USA. We also have a broad stock of telephone numbers from all major cities throughout the country.


So how do I get started?

Why not sign up for a 7 day FREE trial and test us out. This will give you an opportunity to fine tune our system and see how you can make the best use of our services.

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