Outsource Your Message Taking To VirtualHeadquarters.com

Small business owners do it tough and end up having to wear a lot of different hats. One minute you are the sales professional the next you are the receptionist taking a message. Five minutes after that you can be fixing technology and then immediately after that you can be attending to the work that actually earns you the money. All that chopping and changing can be exhausting.

Research conducted by a large firm of management consultants showed that middle managers and small business owners can spend up to 25% of their time working on administrative tasks including answering incoming telephone calls. Unfortunately, these days there are probably only one in four of these incoming calls that actually requires your immediate attention. Rather than waste all of your valuable time attending to the 75% that simply distract you why not engage a professional live message taking service like VirtualHQ to get your incoming calls under control.


Your own American based receptionist team


The live receptionists that will be taking your messages are all locally based in Phoenix Arizona. We think that it is important to have local USA based service providers working for local USA based companies. We could certainly save some money if we were to outsource our message taking to South America or to Asia however we believe that it is worth paying extra to have local Americans because it provides you, our customer and your customers a much better experience. One of the greatest compliments that we get as a business is when one of our customers tells us that their customers think that our receptionists are actually sitting in their offices with them.

Outsourcing your message taking to us makes a lot of financial sense as well. Our service is very much a variable cost (as opposed to having your own staff member). If you hardly use us at all then you will not pay much money, if you use us a lot then you will pay a moderate amount. If you decide to take a week off or if it is holiday season then your costs drop for that week. In these difficult times it makes good financial sense. We also try to be very transparent when it comes to our pricing, we are in it for the long term and want to build a business partnership with our customers.

The way our message service works is really quite easy. Firstly, you sign up for a free trial and we allocate you a telephone number. That number can either be a local number for an area code that you have specified or it could be an 800 number. Once you have that number you can either divert your existing number to that number or you can use the number as your main number. It's up to you. Next, we need to agree a greeting for when we answer your incoming calls. Via our easy to use admin system or our APP you are able to change this greeting at any time that you want. Once we have your greeting and you have diverted your number, then we are ready to answer your calls.

When we receive a call from one of your customers or your potential customers we greet them with the pre agreed greeting and then take a message. that alert can then be delivered to you as either an email (free) or an SMS for a small fee). With the majority of customers they opt for the email. In the majority of cases, that message will take just a few minutes to get to you.

Our telephone answering system has been custom written by experts in the field. We understand that you don't have a lot of spare time so we have made it intuitive to use. If you really don't have the time to set things up yourself we are also happy for you to call our customer service staff and they can assist you in setting up or fine tuning your account.

When you sign up for a live message taking service from VirtualHQ we give you a 7 day free trial and then we only charge 50% for your first months subscription. We do this because we want you to have the time to test out our system and check it's capabilities before making a financial commitment. We are sure, that like the 5,000 plus customers that we have worldwide you will absolutely love what we can do to help your business grow.