Cost Per Call Versus Cost Per Minute

Here at VirtualHQ we charge on a cost per call basis. Many of our competitors charge their services out on a cost per minute basis. How do you compare the two? Well, one way would be to look at the average call length and convert your minutes into calls. At VirtualHQ our average call length across all customer types is around 90 seconds. While individual customers may vary in terms of their call length the 90 second figure is a good one for making broad comparisons. For example, if a competitor is charging $200 for 100 minutes then based on our average call time you would get around 67 calls. Similarly, if you look at our 100 calls for $230 package you could be getting approximately 150 minutes worth of calls in that package. When you sign up with VirtualHQ you don't need to worry about those extra long calls. If a caller rings and stays on the line for 120 or 180 seconds then it is our problem not yours. With our major competitors a few callers like that and you could use up quite a chunk of your monthly allowance.

So, why do we go with a charge per call as opposed to per minute. Basically, we believe that working on a per call basis provides a better level of service to the customer. We believe that our approach is more transparent and the customer has a better understanding of what their charges will be. We have more than a decades experience working within this industry and have tried working on the per minute model in the past. We switched back to the per call basis as we felt that it made it easier for the customer and helped us to retain our valued customers for an extended period of time. At the end of the day, you, the potential customer is looking for a great value service at a really good price. We believe that our service (when you compare apples with apples) provides you with an exceptional level of service at a price that is better (and in some cases significantly better) than some of the industry leaders.

Why Pick VirtualHQ?


Exceptional Reporting - We believe in providing our customers with the tools that they need to maintain their account whenever they need to. You can login through the PC based platform or you can login via our iPhone or Android APP's. Once logged in you can make changes to your plan, change your personalised greeting or change who will be receiving messages. We believe that our system is one of the best in the industry and we have a team of developers working on improvements all the time.

North American Team - When your calls are being answered during business hours it will be our North American call centre that takes that call. If you opt for 24/7 answering then there may be some calls (mainly calls taken in the middle of the night) that are routed to other calls centres like our UK office.

We Know Telephone Answering - We have been in the industry for more than a decade. We have custom written our software with the customer in mind and it works exceptionally well. We offer telephone answering services in a number of countries around the world and have thousands of customers. We also keep these customers for an extended period of time as they really like the services that we offer.

We Are Really Flexible - If all you want is telephone answering then we can provide a first rate service to you. If you need someone who can take appointments for you then we can also do that and if you need someone to make outgoing calls to your existing customers then we can also help you out with that. You can give all or just some of your phone answering to us or you may just want to use us for peak periods or overflow work. Totally flexible!

Meeting KPI's - We track almost everything involved in the whole answering process and we are constantly striving to improve and deliver the best standard of service.

Try Before You Buy - We believe in letting the outsourced answering service itself do the selling. We offer an obligation free 7 day free trial which lets you test drive the system and see what we have to offer. That's a really cost effective way to test things out!