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Life is too short for it to be wasted sitting behind a desk answering calls. You should focus on growing your dream business and taking things to the next level and leave the phone answering to us.

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At Virtual Headquarters, we help you to present a first class professional image to the world. Our live receptionists will ensure all of your calls are answered promptly and at an affordable price.

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Nobody likes leaving a message on an automated answering service. Don't miss another call with your own personalized answering service. Focus on growth while we take care of calls.

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Unlike a lot of our competitors we don't send your calls to offshore call centers where they don't really understand US business. Your precious calls will be answered by our local US based team of experienced professional receptionists during business hours.

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The service we offer really is very flexible and intuitive. It is your decision how much you use us. Once an incoming call is answered it can either by our answering service staff it can be forwarded to you or another number that you nominate.

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Our professional receptionist team is committed to helping you to present your business in the best possible way. Our aim is to answer 95% of those incoming phone calls in less than 6 rings. Those incoming telephone calls are safe in our professional hands.

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Telephone answering solutions that are affordable

When you are a small business CEO you are quite regularly required to wear a broad range of different hats. One second you are out there selling product or services and trying to build your customer base, the next second you need to be an IT professional in order to fix a computer or printer in the office. Add into all of this the requirement to be available at all times to answer all of those incoming telephone calls and deal with all of the questions from customers, prospects and staff.

There is however a much easier approach! When you get a phone call answering service from Virtual Headquarters, you can get back a lot of that time that you need to really get your business moving in the right direction. Our skilled telephonists will be there to take your incoming calls, cut out a lot of the time wasters and ensure that you are notified promptly about the important ones. Our focus is on your phone calls so that you can focus on taking your business to the next level.

Between 9 and 5 our professional, trained, virtual receptionists can be available to greet those incoming callers with your personalized greeting. When you access our easy to use admin portal you will be able to change your greeting any time that you need to. Very quickly after a telephone call has been received our trained staff will send you an email or text message outlining details of the call.

It genuinely makes good business sense to use a call answering service. We have a broad range of packages to suit businesses of all sizes. Our basic service costs just $20 per month retainer (plus call charges) and the average smaller sized telephone answering service customer spends around the $50 per month mark. From our perspective this is not a huge amount of cash for the peace of mind you can achieve in knowing that your incoming telephone calls are being being answered professionally and promptly. Here at Virtual we are so confident that you will be impressed by our service that we are willing to offer you a 7 day obligation free trial at absolutely no cost to you. You don't even need to provide any credit card details to get started. Once you try it out we are confident that you will stick around. Many of our customers start with a divert service and then move on to telephone answering. You are totally in control.

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Answering Service - Setting Up

Once you apply for a no obligation 7 Day FREE Trial for our telephone answering service, our customer support staff will allocate you with a local phone number. This phone number is the telephone number that our staff will be answering the incoming calls from. Once you get your free trial you will also gain access to our state of the art control panel. Our control panel allows you to let us know how you want callers greeted, what our system/staff are to do with the calls once we answer them and whether you require us to send a message. You will also let us know how you would like to receive your messages. Setup is really quite an easy process and if you require assistance at any stage then you our helpful customer care representatives are only a phone call away.

Our state of the art control panel can be accessed in two different ways. You can login to the portal via the login function on the web page that we notified you about or you can login to the control panel using our iPhone & Android apps (Downloadable from the Apple & Google Play stores). Once logged in you will be able to modify your settings. You can select the "do not disturb" profile if you need us to answer incoming phone calls or you could inform us that you would like us to transfer your calls to a colleague or alternative telephone number. It is very flexible in the way you can work and our system provides you with the tools your business needs to outsource your answering services.

Your Business Will Be In Good Company

We currently answer incoming calls for thousands of different businesses. These businesses range from small one person consulting companies up to divisions of much larger multi-national corporations. the live answering service that we offer is particularly popular with attorneys and legal companies, IT professionals, architects, real estate agencies, CPA's and accountants, management consultants, web designers, eCommerce businesses and more. A comment that we regularly hear customers is that they say that they wish that they'd known about this type of call answering service years ago as the service has made a dramatic difference to their business operations. Virtual Headquarters can make a huge difference to your business as well. Why not try out our telephone answering service for 7 days at absolutely no cost or obligation to you. You really have very little to lose.

Your Answering Service Can Grow With Your Business

Lots of our new customers start with a basic call answering service at the start and as their business grows they increase their package to suit their call volume. The great thing about the Virtual Headquarters approach is your ability to move between live answering service packages as your business changes. You can basically adjust your package at any time that you want. If your business has substantially growth then you have the ability to upgrade to a bigger package with additional included calls while if your call volume is decreasing you can scale things back pretty well instantly. This is perfect for a growing business as you are not locked in with a long term fixed cost, instead , you have a short term variable cost which is matched to the actual work load from your business.

VHQ Charges By The Phone Call, Not By The Minute

When you start investigating costs involved in signing up a call answering service you are likely to see that a significant portion of our competitors charge their customers on a per minute basis and not on a per call basis like Virtual Headquarters. Our experience with this is that charging for a call answering service on a per minute basis passes on the risk of longer calls to the customer. Here at VirtualHeadquarters.com we like to provide a level of certainty to customers. Our clients might not know how many minutes of calls they are receiving on a weekly basis however they usually have a fairly close idea of the number of actual calls they are receiving. The average call length for Virtual Headquarters is about 1.5 minutes which means that if you are trying to compare our rates with the competition then a 100 call package should give you around 150 minutes of call time. If you do the comparison with our competition you might see that we provide a great value telephone answering service for our clients.

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