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Our Virtual phone number and virtual receptionist bundles have been designed to help your small business make a professional first impression with your prospective customers. When you sign up for a service with you receive either a local US telephone number or an 800 number plus our state of the art telephone answering services. This way you get all of the benefits of the toll free 800 telephone number while ensuring that you never have to miss a call. And all services are based in the USA.

The benefits of our live answering service

Your callers will speak to a real live person each and every time. What this means is that when potential leads ring your virtual phone number they are being put through to a live person who will answer the phone politely and take a message from them. This is far better than having them put through to an automated message service and have the majority of them hang up. Regardless of when they call all of your incoming calls will be put through to a professional receptionist who has been given details of how you want your calls handled.

Time saving. Just think about how much time you and your team spend answering telephone calls. On average more than 50% of those calls would be from time wasters who just want to sell you SEO services or sign you up for a new energy supplier. Think of all the work you can do when you don’t have to answer those calls any more. Another great thing is, you can then schedule in to call the important callers back when it suits you.

Create the corporate image that you deserve. With numbers across the USA plus 800 numbers plus your calls being put through to a professional US based receptionist you will really be able to expand your national customer base. Many customers tend to choose local businesses ahead of interstate or overseas businesses because it keeps them within their comfort zone. People from New York are more likely to contact New York phone numbers. It’s familiar and we really are just creatures of habit. If a lead sees a local or 800 number, it might just prompt them with the little push they need to make contact and give you that call.

There are way too many great benefits available for us to list so why not take our service for a test drive and try it out for yourself. We offer a 7 day FREE trial of our telephone answering service, giving you the opportunity to find out how amazing the future could be for your own company. Signing up is completely free and will only take a few minutes, we won’t be asking you for any credit card details at this stage and there will be no obligation to continue with the service once the week is up. It really is that easy, why not give it a try?

Virtual phone number

If you are a US based business that is looking to increase your local or national presence then a virtual phone number makes a lot of sense! When you add in an 800 number or a local number (or several) you can really make your presence felt.

At we have a massive range of local US telephone numbers plus a large range of 800 numbers. Once you sign up, you simply tell us some details in terms of what greeting you want us to use and how you want your messages forwarded through to you. You then simply divert your existing phone number to the phone number that we have provided and you are ready to go. Simple as that! We can have the whole thing up and running in a matter of minutes.

Alternatively, if you all you want is to simply have a local number divert to your existing number, we can quite easily make that happen as well!

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