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Whether you are a single attorney or you run a large legal firm your life will be very full. One minute you could be preparing a brief for a client, the next minute you could be up in front of a judge. All the while your phone could be ringing and you could have dozens of people asking dozens of questions. Unfortunately, most of the time only a small % of these calls are urgent. You need a lawyer answering service to separate the important calls from the not so important.

Professional answering service

As a busy lawyer what you need is a way to sift through all of those calls and only take the ones that are urgent. In some cases you may not be able to take any of your calls and simply need a legal answering service on the end of the line who can simply take messages.

Lawyer answering service

Here at Virtual HQ we understand the needs of a busy attorney. We have also structured our systems to make it easy for a busy law firm to get the most out of our lawyer answering services while having more time to focus on legal matters. When you sign up to our virtual receptionist service you get the option to tell us how you want your calls handled. You might decide to divert all of your incoming calls to our professional receptionists or you may only divert some. You may want our receptionists to screen for important calls and then take messages on the not so important. It's your decision.

All new customers are allocated a telephone number for their account. If you want us to take your messages then you divert your incoming calls to this number. Our professional receptionists then answer in the name of your law firm with a pre agreed greeting. If you have specific callers that you want forwarded through from us then you let us know. You can then get on with carrying on your legal firm while we focus on handling your incoming calls.

Our software is really intuitive to use and if you don't have the time to learn how to work it we are happy to call one of our friendly customer support staff who can help you out and get you set up over the phone.

Attorney answering services

Our professional attorney answering service is based here in the USA. We find that we can deliver much more professional services by using local staff and many of our customers have mentioned to us that their customers think that our receptionists are actually sitting in their office. What better compliment could a phone answer service get?

To give new customers the opportunity to test out our lawyer answer service we offer a 7 day free trial with no obligation. When we say no obligation we actually mean it, there is no requirement to make any payment up front or provide any sort of credit card.

We provide our services to a broad range of customers including many attorneys and law firms. We have more than 5,000 customers globally and we don't lock our customers into any sort of long term contract. Our customers stay with us because we provide a great level of service.

Why do answering services make sense for a legal practice

In the complex world of legal practice, efficiency, professionalism, and a personal touch can make or break your law firm's reputation. For this reason, incorporating a legal answering service makes profound sense. A call answer service enables your law firm to provide consistently high-quality, personalized services while also increasing productivity and enhancing client relationships.

Dealing with the law can take time

Legal professionals are often overwhelmed with client demands, case research, court appearances, and administrative duties. Amidst these competing demands, law firms may struggle to effectively answer all incoming phone calls and manage client communication. This is where a phone answering service comes in. A professional answer service can handle calls, emails, and messages 24/7, ensuring that your law firm never misses a potential client or crucial legal call from a current one. The services are designed to answer and filter calls, ensuring urgent matters receive immediate attention while routine inquiries are handled appropriately. This not only aids in managing a law firm's workload but also facilitates better client relations by ensuring that their queries and concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

Look the part with receptionist services

A virtual receptionist service also increases the legal practice's credibility and professionalism. Law is a business where first impressions matter, and a law firm cannot afford to lose potential clients due to missed calls or inadequate communication. An answer service is designed to provide a personalized, professional, and consistent image of your law firm. Our services present the same image of your law practice each time we are answering calls, creating a professional first impression that leaves a lasting impact on clients.

A service that can save you money

Furthermore, answering services can bring significant cost savings to a legal practice. Hiring, training, and managing full-time receptionist staff is not only expensive but also time-consuming. A call center can eliminate a big portion of these costs, freeing up more resources to invest in the core legal services that a law firm provides. Also, it ensures that the law practice has a constant and reliable service that doesn't suffer from sick days, vacation time, or high turnover, which are common in traditional receptionist roles.

Sometimes you are just not available to answer

The ability to answer client calls even after regular working hours gives your law firm a competitive edge. Many legal inquiries and issues arise outside regular business hours, and answering services ensure that these legal calls are not missed. This round-the-clock accessibility portrays your law firm as dedicated, client-centric, and highly professional, setting it apart from competitor law firms.

A service that enhances customer satisfaction

On a broader level, a virtual receptionist enhances the overall client experience. In the law field, clients are often dealing with stressful and sensitive situations. They need to feel heard, understood, and reassured. A phone service, with its personalized approach, fulfills these emotional needs. Our receptionists are trained to listen, empathize, and provide the necessary information in a patient and respectful manner. This can help build trust and rapport between your law firm and its clients.

Sometimes the law just can't wait

By delegating administrative tasks such as call handling to answering services, lawyers can focus on their primary objective: practicing law. The legal industry is complex and ever-evolving, requiring continuous learning, critical thinking, and meticulous attention to detail. A call answering service relieves the burden of administrative tasks, allowing lawyers and law firms to devote their time and energy to their legal duties and perform at their highest level with a service focus.

Implementing a lawyer answering service in a legal practice is a strategic decision that offers a myriad of benefits. It ensures effective communication, professionalism, cost-effectiveness, a competitive edge, an enhanced client experience, and allows lawyers to concentrate on their primary responsibilities and services legal. Law firms that wish to succeed in today's fast-paced, client-centric legal world should seriously consider incorporating answering services into their business model. With the right service, a law firm can improve its operations, its legal reputation, and ultimately, its bottom line.

It's not just the law practices that can benefit - the solo attorney can also get great benefits

Navigating the dynamic legal landscape as a solo practitioner comes with its unique set of challenges. These practitioners need to manage all aspects of their practice – from client acquisition to case management, court appearances, and administrative duties. The need to focus on core legal responsibilities while handling client communication can stretch their resources thin, making it difficult to excel in all areas. In light of these challenges, employing a virtual receptionist makes sense and can provide valuable benefits.

A virtual reception service, especially one experienced in legal answering services, is essentially a gatekeeper that can handle and prioritize incoming communications based on their urgency and relevance. This ensures that the solo legal practitioner is not inundated with calls while working on crucial legal tasks. The virtual receptionist is trained to answer routine queries, schedule appointments, take messages, and forward urgent calls. By freeing up the practitioner's time from these administrative tasks, it allows them to focus on the more nuanced and complex aspects of their legal duties.

The legal profession is, by nature, a time-sensitive field. Missing a critical call can result in missed opportunities, be it a potential client or an important update on an ongoing case. A receptionist service can be available 24/7, ensuring that no calls go unanswered. It can provide the solo legal practitioner with the assurance that even if they are unavailable due to a court appearance or are focused on legal research, their clients and potential leads are still being taken care of professionally.

For a solo legal practitioner, cultivating and maintaining a professional image is key to attracting and retaining clients. When a client or prospect contacts the law practice, their first impression is often shaped by the person who answers the call. A virtual reception service offers a consistently high level of service and professionalism. They are trained to provide personalized, courteous, and prompt responses, creating a positive impression that reflects well on the law practice.

Cost-effectiveness is another compelling reason for a solo legal practitioner to invest in a receptionist service. Hiring a full-time receptionist or administrative staff comes with expenses such as salaries, benefits, training, and workspace. By contrast, a virtual receptionist is a cost-effective solution that provides the same, if not higher, level of service at a lower cost. This affordability enables solo practitioners to use their resources more effectively by investing in areas that can enhance their legal practice.

Moreover, a virtual reception service also provides a competitive advantage. In a crowded legal marketplace, it is crucial for a solo practitioner to differentiate their services. Offering 24/7 communication access and prompt responses can help them stand out. This service indicates a high level of dedication and professionalism, which can enhance their reputation and help attract more clients.

In an era where client expectations are higher than ever, an answer service can help a solo practitioner enhance their client service. The receptionists can be trained to handle client queries and concerns ensuring that clients feel heard, understood, and valued. This improved service can result in higher client satisfaction, enhancing the practitioner's client relationships and increasing client retention and referrals.

A virtual receptionist's ability to handle and organize various administrative tasks reduces the risk of errors that can occur due to multitasking or overwhelm in law firms. These tasks, such as scheduling, messaging, and call forwarding, are crucial to the smooth operation of a legal practice. Virtual receptionists perform these duties meticulously and consistently, minimizing the chances of oversight or miscommunication.

Why not take a free trial?

Don't just take our word for how good our lawyer answering service is. You can take a 7 day free-trial of our call center services with no obligation to try out our services and see how it makes a difference to your law practice as it has done to many other law firms.