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Whether you are a single attorney or you run a large legal firm your life will be very full. One minute you could be preparing a brief for a client, the next minute you could be up in front of a judge. All the while your phone could be ringing and you could have dozens of people asking dozens of questions. Unfortunately, most of the time only a small % of these calls are urgent. You need a lawyer answering service to separate the important calls from the not so important.

Legal answering service

As a busy lawyer what you need is a way to sift through all of those calls and only take the ones that are urgent. In some cases you may not be able to take any of your calls and simply need a legal answering service on the end of the line who can simply take messages.

Lawyer answering service

Here at Virtual HQ we understand the needs of a busy attorney. We have also structured our systems to make it easy for a busy law firm to get the most out of our lawyer answering services. When you sign up to our virtual receptionist service you get the option to tell us how you want your calls handled. You might decide to divert all of your incoming calls to our professional receptionists or you may only divert some. You may want our receptionists to screen for important calls and then take messages on the not so important. It's your decision.

All new customers are allocated a telephone number for their account. If you want us to take your messages then you divert your incoming calls to this number. Our professional receptionists then answer in the name of your law firm with a pre agreed greeting. If you have specific callers that you want forwarded through to us then you let us know. You can then get on with carrying on your legal firm while we focus on handling your incoming calls.

Our software is really intuitive to use and if you don't have the time to learn how to work it we are happy to call one of our friendly customer support staff who can help you out and get you set up over the phone.

Attorney answering service

Our professional attorney answering service is based here in the USA. We find that we can deliver a much more professional service by using local staff and many of our customers have mentioned to us that their customers think that our receptionists are actually sitting in their office. What better compliment could a telephone answering service get?

To give new customers the opportunity to test out our lawyer answering service we offer a 7 day free trial with no obligation. When we say no obligation we actually mean it, there is no requirement to make any payment up front or provide any sort of credit card.

We provide our services to a broad range of customers including many attorneys and law firms. We have more than 5,000 customers globally and we don't lock our customers into any sort of long term contract. Our customers stay with us because we provide a great level of service.