Save cash by getting a call answering service

Just because you sign up for a professional virtual receptionist service doesn’t mean that you need to spend a fortune. While the word cheap tends to imply that you will get a lower level of service it certainly isn’t the case when you sign up with Here at VHQ we can offer you a lower price (or cheap) service because of all the technical efficiencies that we have built into our processes.


You should get a professional virtual receptionist service!


In business, decisions quite often come back to money. Sure, it would be great to sign up with a really professional service that allows you to outsource some of your key processes however if that service is more expensive than what it costs you now you are very unlikely to make the commitment. Fortunately, with a receptionist service from Virtual Headquarters there are 2 main ways that our service will generate money for your business. Firstly, by taking on a professional telephone answering service you will win back some of that time that you and your team have been spending answering the phones. This time could then be utilized focusing on key strategic issues or on increasing the revenue that your business generates. Secondly, if you currently employ your own receptionist then you will be up for all sorts of employment costs. Not only do you have to pay your receptionist when they are sitting there answering the phone but you also quite often have to pay them when they are not answering the phone or are on vacation. By outsourcing your telephone answering to VHQ you can potentially save as much as 40% of that employee cost.

Saving money or making more money can be a pretty good incentive for just making some business changes and making better use of the internet.

Will my calls be answered in the USA?

Unlike a number of our competitors we won’t be sending your calls to offshore call centers. We use professional telephonists who work from our state of the art call center in Phoenix AZ. We only employ trained professionals who work efficiently and are much more cost effective than a receptionist working in your business.

Do you need to answer all of my incoming calls?

Absolutely not. You can use us for however many calls suit your business. We are totally flexible. Some of our customers do use us for all of their calls while other customers use us for overflow calls or simply vacation leave. The other great thing is that you can switch things around at any time that you like. It really is flexible!

What is your definition of cheap?

We believe that we offer a cost effective pricing model compared to our competitors. Our prices are based on a call basis whilst our competitors mainly charge on a per minute basis. When you compare our prices to our competitors you shoudl keep in mind that the average length of a call (from our historical data) is 90 seconds which means that you need to multiply our competitors per minute cost by 1.5 to get a comparison. We generally find that our small customers spend between $50 and $100 per month.

What do I do to get started?

It’s really easy, just head over to our signup page and fill out the form. The form will require some basic information about you and your company and then when you hit signup it will allocate you a telephone number. This number is the phone number that you will divert your existing number to and the number that we will be answering from.

You will then be able to login to our system and tell us what greeting you want us to use when answering your calls. You also tell us how you want us to get the messages to you once we have taken them. After that you simply divert your current phone number to the number we have provided to allow us to answer your calls (if you just want us to answer overflow calls then you can divert the call after a specific number of rings).

Getting a quality professional service at a cheap price makes a lot of sense.