Rogers Celebrates Spectacular Christmas Parade And Tree Lighting Ceremony 2022


The city of Rogers, Arkansas, is undertaking significant improvements to its utility and street infrastructure to support growth and enhance community living. Among these projects, the $4.4 million utility relocation on Pleasant Grove Road stands out, aiming to pave the way for future street widening. Efforts include water and sewer line replacements, which will bolster the area’s capacity and reliability. The work is being phased to minimize disruption to residents and businesses.

In another key project, Walnut Street is seeing improvements to enhance traffic flow and safety. This includes expanding lanes and updating traffic signals to accommodate increased vehicular movement. Enhancements also cover pedestrian paths, making the area more accessible for foot traffic. Public Works Director John McCurdy highlighted the importance of timely completion to reduce impact on the daily activities of commuters and locals.

Additionally, the 24th Street extension is designed to provide a new north-south corridor that will ease congestion in other parts of the city. This project is considered crucial for the development of nearby commercial and residential properties. Extension works are slated to finish in stages to ensure coordinated progress.

Weather plays a critical role in determining the pace of these constructions. The city remains committed to informing the public about any changes. Various teams are working in unison to ensure all plans converge smoothly, maintaining a balance between infrastructure advancements and quality of life for residents.

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