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If you are setting up a small business in Salem MA its good commercial sense to use a live telephone answering service to support your new enterprise. A Virtual Receptionist is extremely cost effective and a smart way to ensure you are always available to your clients. We never miss a call. Our local US based experienced receptionists offer a comprehensive range of packages for small and medium sized firms. Let the friendly professional team at Virtual Headquarters take care of answering your telephone calls while you put your energy into building your Salem MA business.


Your Salem business needs an answering service!


Using an answering service for your Salem business removes the time pressure off yourself and your employees. A live expert virtual receptionist service allows you to focus on managing your firm rather than being interrupted by incoming telephone calls. Your Salem MA answering service from Virtual Headquarters can be set up in a matter of minutes. You can activate your call answering or switch it off whenever you need. Need to be available to customers on Federal holidays? Want to cover business enquires after hours? We give you the reliability and flexibility to organise your customer calls exactly how you want.

How our answering service works

1. You sign up for our 7 day FREE trial and instantly get a number

When you register for our no obligation answering service FREE Trial we will allocate you with a Phoenix telephone number or alternatively you can get a Toll-Free number if that is your preference.

2. You can either use this number or forward calls to it

Once you have been allocated a number you can either use that phone number as your main business number or forward your existing number to the number that we provided. It is really quite flexible! It's all up to you.

3. Let us know what greeting you want used with your customers

Your preferred greeting can be updated at any time when you log in to our portal or when you use one of our App's. As well as your greeting you will need to tell us how you would like to receive your messages, i.e. by SMS or email.

4. We will start answering those calls instantly!

That's all! VHQ is now ready to start answering those incoming calls. Our experienced virtual receptionists will use the greeting that you have provided to welcome your callers on behalf of your business. Your virtual reception will record all the caller details and message you and your team via email or SMS according to your preference. We can also directly forward important calls based on your instructions for prioritisation.

It Makes Great Business and Financial Sense

While you might be a great communicator your time shouldn’t be spent being a receptionist. With a Salem answering service from Virtual Headquarters you can maximise the use of your precious time and really achieve those commercial goals you’ve set.

Our call management prices are truly reasonable and compare very well to our competitors. Our charges are based on varying call packages, so we can suit businesses of all different sizes. When your business expands and you need to add more calls, it is simple to upgrade to a larger call package and if you need to scale things back then that is really easy to do as well. It all very practical and easy and makes wise financial sense.

When you use Virtual Headquarters, you are supported by local highly trained US receptionists. We are scalable, so if there are suddenly lots of calls from customers enquiring about your services, its no problem. Imagine how the traditional company receptionist model copes with a rapid wave of incoming calls. That frantic response of placing calls on hold all over the place and leaving customers waiting and waiting. Don’t worry, trust in your Virtual Headquarters team. Every call to your Salem small business will be answered promptly in a welcoming voice with just the right tone.

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Doing Business in Salem Massachusetts

In today’s busy marketplace it’s important to get the basics right when you are setting up a business enterprise. One of the most important considerations is where you will locate your business. Some business people might initially think that location is not really very important because of globalisation and digital shopping but the location of your start-up can have far reaching implications because of taxes and the incentives and policies of the city or county and the state. The profile of the customers that you are targeting is also vital data – where are they, who are they, when do they want to buy and how?

Massachusetts has a long history and Salem is one of the most historical places in Massachusetts. Salem is also one of the most chronicled towns in the US because of the Salem Witch trials in 1692=93 when nineteen citizens of Salem were executed by hanging for supposed witchcraft. Situated 16 miles north of Boston, Salem is now a small resort town. Green in its ecological ethos, liberal in its politics and friendly to all, Modern Salem is a very different place to the deeply superstitious, judgemental and extremist town of old. It’s now a town of professionals with a median age of 37 and a bright future.

Massachusetts and Salem offer a variety of incentives and deductions for new businesses setting up in Salem. The town is focussed on tourism and the arts and crafts – mostly small businesses – but business people also settle in Salem because it has a calm peaceful ambience that belies its tragic past.

The Salem commercial community benefits from many policies supporting business to grow and flourish, from storefront improvement programs to property tax exemptions for property improvements and incentives for employing and retaining staff.

There are some good schools in Salem and it is known as a safe town with a real community spirit. Salem is very walkable, just remember your warm coat in the snowy season. The Salem community takes real care to protect the local environment because for many of its tourists Salem is very much a step back into the past – so preserving the past is good for business.

Salem housing is reasonably expensive but that’s the price of living in a small historical town with its quaintness and huge tourist popularity – popular not only for Americans but for tourists all across the world. The lifestyle here is friendly and nature focussed with fabulous farmers markets and a great restaurant scene. Some of the best places to live in Salem are Darby Street, Collins Cove and the McIntire Historic District. To tell the truth the traffic is not best – especially at tourist time, we have got some public transport although car transport is the best alternative for getting around. The Salem population is quite diverse with a notable percentage of Spanish speakers and it’s a certain character that can turn a place with such a horrid past into a delightful place to reside.

Besides our Salem Witches history there are some other great things to experience in Salem – we are very proud of the Peabody Essex Museum – with roots going back to 1799 the museum was originally based on the curiosities that Salem ship captains brought back from their travels across the world. Its now a world renowned museum and well worth a visit.

For your new business in Salem MA – Try our expert Salem telephone answering service with our local professional Virtual Receptionists. Try the Virtual Headquarters Salem call answering for 7 days at no cost to you. You won’t need to supply us with any credit card details when you sign up. We will definitely not pressure you once the 7 days is up. Setting things up only takes a short time and within hours we will be warmly and professionally answering your calls on behalf of your Salem small business. Give it a try and enjoy the convenience of our support. Let us welcome customers calling your business while you direct your energy to achieve all your Salem business goals.

Answering Service Salem MA, USA

Salem MA Zip Codes

Here is a list of the main zip codes in Salem Massachusetts, 01915, 01944, 01970, 01971.