San Antonio - Perfect for starting a new business

A San Antonio telephone answering service is a great support if you are thinking of opening a new business in the Alamo City. A Virtual Receptionist saves you the cost of employing a receptionist or it means you and your staff won’t be interrupted by sundry phone calls when you are concentrating on getting your business off the ground.

Virtual Headquarters are a local US based phone answering and virtual assistant service. We offer a range of live virtual receptionist packages for small and medium sized companies. Let our team at Virtual Headquarters professionally manage your telephone calls while you focus on growing your small business.


Your San Antonio business needs an answering service!


Using an answering service for your San Antonio small business is a wise way to take the pressure off yourself and your employees. We give you back the time to focus on developing your company while always offering a professional welcome to every caller on behalf of your business.. An answering service from Virtual Headquarters will filter the calls and expertly record the detail of each caller and message you or your team by SMS or email. We can also transfer calls and prioritise callers according to your instructions. Your San Antonio telephone answering service can be set up in a matter of minutes and can be switched on and off when you need it. We give you the expertise and the flexibility so no matter what you or your staff are doing, you have the certainty that your business will never miss a call.

How our answering service works

1. You sign up for our 7 day FREE trial and instantly get a number

When you register for our no obligation answering service FREE Trial we will allocate you with a Phoenix telephone number or alternatively you can get a Toll-Free number if that is your preference.

2. You can either use this number or forward calls to it

Once you have been allocated a number you can either use that phone number as your main business number or forward your existing number to the number that we provided. It is really quite flexible! It's all up to you.

3. Let us know what greeting you want used with your customers

Your preferred greeting can be updated at any time when you log in to our portal or when you use one of our App's. As well as your greeting you will need to tell us how you would like to receive your messages, i.e. by SMS or email.

4. We will start answering those calls instantly!

That's all! VHQ is now ready to start answering those incoming calls. Our experienced virtual receptionists will use the greeting that you have provided to welcome your callers on behalf of your business. Your virtual reception will record all the caller details and message you and your team via email or SMS according to your preference. We can also directly forward important calls based on your instructions for prioritisation.

A Call Answering Service Makes Excellent Business Sense

While you may have impressive skills at taking telephone calls and converting callers into clients you know it’s not the most productive use of your talents to be a receptionist all day. Your skills are best utilised on your profession or your industry than answering calls. With a San Antonio telephone answering service from Virtual Headquarters you preserve the precious time you need to direct your energy for strategizing and managing your business up to the next level.

Our prices are very reasonable and competitive. We structure our pricing with a simple per package charge. Our packages cater to businesses of all sorts of sizes. If your Texas enterprise grows and you need to add more calls than it is easy to upgrade to a bigger package and if you need to scale things back then that is really easy to do as well. All in all it makes a lot of sense.

FREE 7 Day Trial
(with NO Obligation and NO Credit Card required)

Doing Business in San Antonio Tx

In this dynamic ever-changing business world it’s really important to consider all the fundamentals when you are thinking about opening a business. What is the market for your product or services? Who are your customers? What is your point of difference compared to competitors? How will you fund your start-up? One of the critical considerations is where you will physically locate your business. Some business people may initially think that location is not so important because of globalism and online sales, but the actual location of your small business is still vitally important because of the tax implications, the state, county and city incentives and the profile of the customers that you are targeting.

Texas is a state renowned for providing the right commercial climate for small business and start-ups. The Alamo City is perfect for entrepreneurs and business people seeking to start a new enterprise and dream big. San Antonio is the second largest city in Texas with a population of more than 1.4 million and it’s the seventh most populous city in America. Beautiful and historic San Antonio is also one of the fastest growing cities in the country. The city is a beacon for ambitious people seeking new opportunities. It’s a very family friendly city with a median age of 33. Home ownership in San Antonio is still within your grasp, its affordable and there are lots of suburbs to choose from. There is also a lower cost of living as compared to many other cities and there is no state income tax and low unemployment. The strong economy and positive vibe of the city will nurture your new enterprise and the city really supports and fosters small business.

The City’s economy centres around manufacturing, healthcare, tourism, bioscience and government services. San Antonio has a huge military presence with three air force bases and one army base and a direct population of more than 80,000 military and civilian personnel. The military component of San Antonio was reinforced and fostered way back in 1836 with the famous Battle of the Alamo when a small band of Texans fought to the death for independence from Mexico. The Alamo is now a UNESCO site and a central location to visit for the 35 million tourists who visit San Antonio each year. The strong military presence is also a stable and constant fiscal input into the city providing many local businesses with a market for their products and services.

San Antonio has good connectivity to get your products to market. The city is linked with highway networks and the San Antonio International Airport gives you connections through to the other main cities of America. In the city itself, the VIA Metropolitan is the public transport agency that gets you around with bus lines and the Downtown streetcar service that services all the main tourist attractions. There is a lot to see in San Antonio, it is one of the most culturally vibrant cities in America and tourists from across America and the world come to see the Alamo, the famed Riverwalk along beside the San Antonio River, the San Fernando Cathedral, the restful and green Brackenridge Park and numerous other attractions. It’s a city rich in culture with the deep influences of Mexican, Spanish and even German art, food and design.

Your start-up will benefit from the friendly ambience of the city, traffic though sometimes hectic is generally ok and the warm weather allows you to get out and walk or bike and get that important exercise that allows you to recharge and reflect on business challenges. Yes, there are sometimes mosquitoes, especially in February but if you take the basic precautions they won’t be too much of a hindrance and San Antonio is prone to tornados at certain times of the year but once again, if you take precautions, everything will be fine.

San Antonio is on a strong growth trajectory and there are numerous opportunities to realise your dreams of opening a business and fulfilling your ambitions. There are so many aspects of life in San Antonio that will delight -you’ll be spoilt for choice when you want great tacos and tasty homemade tortillas, it’s a real food town from sublime ceviche to the splendours of German delicatessens and so much more.

The cost of housing in San Antonio is generally lower than the national average, utility costs are also generally lower and although property taxes are high, the lack of income taxes balances that out. Some of the affordable suburbs to check out for a place to reside are China Grove, Terrel Heights, Monte Vista, El Dorado and Tobin Hill.

So welcome to San Antonio. This is a great place to start your business. Let Virtual Headquarters be your support on the journey, why not test drive our San Antonio telephone answering service for 7 days at no cost to you. You won’t need to supply us with any credit card details when you sign up. It’s all very simple and easy. We will definitely not pressure you once the 7 days is up. Setting your live answering service usually only takes a couple of minutes and our local virtual receptionists could be professionally answering your San Antonio customers calls in just a short time, giving you that certainty that you will never miss a call to your business. Call us, we’ll answer promptly in just the right welcome tone. Why not give our professional telephone answering a try!

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Here is a list of the main zip codes in San Antonio Texas, 78201 , 78202 , 78203 , 78204 , 78205 , 78206 , 78207 , 78208 , 78209 , 78210 , 78211 , 78212 , 78213 , 78214 , 78215 , 78216 , 78217 , 78218 , 78219 , 78220 , 78221 , 78222 , 78223 , 78224 , 78225 , 78226 , 78227 , 78228 , 78229 , 78230 , 78231 , 78232 , 78233 , 78234 , 78235 , 78236 , 78237 , 78238 , 78239 , 78240 , 78241 , 78242 , 78243 , 78244 , 78245 , 78246 , 78247 , 78248 , 78249 , 78250 , 78251 , 78252 , 78253 , 78254 , 78255 , 78256 , 78257 , 78258 , 78259 , 78260 , 78261 , 78263 , 78264 , 78265 , 78266 , 78268 , 78269 , 78270 , 78278 , 78279 , 78280 , 78283 , 78284 , 78285 , 78288 , 78289 , 78291 , 78292 , 78293 , 78294 , 78295 , 78296 , 78297 , 78298 , 78299.