19th Annual Connecticut Women of Innovation Awards: Submit Nominations by May 19th


Embark on an enlightening journey with the 19th Annual Connecticut Women of Innovation Awards, where nominations are now open until May 19th. This prestigious event celebrates the remarkable accomplishments and contributions of women excelling in various fields. The nominations offer a platform to honor these exceptional individuals, recognizing their innovative spirit and dedication.

The awards encompass a wide range of categories, highlighting achievements in areas such as healthcare, technology, academia, and entrepreneurship. By acknowledging the achievements of these inspiring women, the event aims to inspire future generations and promote diversity and inclusion in the professional landscape. It presents a unique opportunity to showcase the outstanding work of women who are making a significant impact in their respective fields.

Participants have the chance to nominate candidates who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, creativity, and resilience in their pursuits. The selection process will undoubtedly be rigorous, as the judging panel seeks to identify the most deserving individuals who embody the spirit of innovation and excellence. Through this initiative, the awards strive to amplify the voices of women who are driving positive change and leaving a lasting legacy.

As the deadline for nominations approaches, individuals are encouraged to put forward deserving candidates who have exemplified outstanding achievements and made significant contributions to their industries. By participating in this nomination process, you contribute to recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments of women who are paving the way for a brighter and more inclusive future.

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