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Getting a telephone answering service for your small business makes practical sense

Today, more and more small business owners realize that getting a phone answering service from a company like Virtual Headquarters is not only extremely cost effective but they are also finding that it also provides many ways to improve their business communication. A receptionist service can provide that great competitive advantage for small businesses and start-up companies.

Due to the advanced communication technology that can be provided by a company like Virtual Headquarters, your small business can compete with larger businesses professionally. Using a call answering service can lead to a whole range of benefits, such as powerful technological features, scalability, simple infrastructure, flexibility and cost savings. Here at Virtual Headquarters we are dedicated to providing live answering services for small businesses. Here is what a small business will benefit when using our answering service.

You will avoid having missed calls

In reality it can be really expensive for your company to miss an incoming telephone call. Since you are a busy person, you have to make sure all customers are cared for whether you are present or away from your desk. This can be accomplished simply by hiring a service like ours to do all of the work for you. However, you want to be sure that the service that you use is not a cheap, recorded message type service since the customers who call often want answers when they call, not a few days afterward when you can finally get back to returning calls. This could cost your business customers and thus money.


Unlike having an in-house staff member, our phone answering service is only charged based on what you use. Virtual Headquarters is capable of delivering a superior quality service to its customers and within minutes of receiving an incoming call we ensure that your message is delivered promptly to you. What you will benefit from this service is that you can save a good amount of cash and give a better service as well, without having staff members sitting around waiting for calls. We provide virtual receptionists who will attend to your company's calls and help answer questions that your callers raise. Our staff are trained to pass messages along to your business promptly.

Simplified communications for the business

If you get the help of a professional answering service then there is a reduced need to set up additional equipment in your premises. Also, you can get back a lot of time to focus on the more strategic aspects of your business. Our services are designed to simplify your business communications to a great extent. Virtual Headquarters provide ongoing benefits to our customers with the help of advanced features that include voice to email delivery, fax on demand, fax to email service and more.

Benefit on time-saving

With a business phone answering service taking care of your business image, you can focus your time and energy on business growth. When starting out, you are the face of your business; in fact, the business is just you and potentially a few other people. With the growth and further expansion that involves more offices and more employees, you will have no time to take all those incoming calls. In this situation, live agents can cope with the increased load, and be where you cannot be.

Customer satisfaction as they talk to humans

With an established call answering service, you do not have to worry since the service you pay for is not an automated voice service. It is a service making use of actual people who will answer calls while you are away anytime you forward your number to our service. This is very pleasing to many customers who call because they speak to a person, not a machine. This great customer service affords your clients convenience of allowing them to speak to a person and having that person help them with their concerns or take their message to give to you when you come back. This will score more points with your customers since you are making an effort to allow actual people to take care of your customers rather than forcing them to deal with machines all the time. This service is something that every business owner should consider no matter what sort of business you have. You want to make certain that your customers are happy, and to ensure this, you should make sure they are not constantly dealing with machines when they have a quick question or small issues. They want to have their answers quickly instead of waiting a few days for you to reply.

High-quality professional service

After getting the answering services for your small business, your level of customer satisfaction will increase. The reason for this is because the company you hire for the telephone answering service gives you highly trained workers who are professional telephonists. Also, our receptionists can be comprehensively trained when it comes to answering the questions of your customers and they have been briefed on the possible channels to follow to solve whatever problems that your clients have. This is important in creating the right image for your growing business.

Your business will look organized

When you use this service, there is a clear format followed when each call is received, and this shows some organization in your business. A call is taken, the name of the client, the time of calling, and even the date are all recorded down. The subject matter discussed is also recorded, and in case some of the issues have to reach, you will get them later with no alterations to the information at intervals in electronic means. You can also be able to access the information whenever you want as long as you are free.


Getting yourself an effective telephone answering service from a professional service like the one that is provided by Virtual Headquarters makes great business sense. Getting a receptionist service could be one of the best decisions that you make for your business. You will be thankful in the long run because you will lose fewer clients and gain more praise among your present clientele because of your business answering service. Why procrastinate? call one of our friendly customer care representatives today. What is more, getting a call answering service for your business is a brilliant way to save you and your staff members a significant amount of time. We can provide the efficient handling of multiple incoming calls simultaneously. Your business can also get the benefit of transferring calls to specific extensions or to specific departments or employees. Another benefit of taking this service is that the company can present the best image to targeted clients by making available a unified set of communication features.

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