Eastern Illinois University Launches Small Business Development Center in Mattoon: Boosting Local Entrepreneurship

In Mattoon, Illinois, Eastern Illinois University has introduced a Small Business Development Center. This initiative aims to support entrepreneurs and small business owners in Coles, Cumberland, Douglas, Shelby, Moultrie, and Clark counties. The center will offer no-cost, confidential advising services to help businesses navigate challenges and foster growth.

The center’s resources will cover business planning, funding, marketing, and more. It will also facilitate workshops and events to educate and empower local businesses. Furthermore, the center’s website will provide access to tools, templates, and guides to aid in various aspects of business development.

The establishment of this center comes at a crucial time, as small businesses continue to face uncertainties and require additional support post-pandemic. By offering personalized assistance, the Small Business Development Center aims to bolster the region’s economic resilience and pave the way for sustainable growth.

Officials anticipate that the center will become a vital resource hub for the local business community, fostering collaboration and innovation. Through this initiative, Eastern Illinois University reinforces its commitment to driving economic development and nurturing entrepreneurial spirit in the region.

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