Milwaukee Restaurant Owner Fears Rnc Could Negatively Impact Small Businesses

Article Summary

A restaurant owner in Milwaukee expressed concerns about the upcoming Republican National Convention (RNC) possibly being detrimental to small businesses. This viewpoint comes amidst the heightened anticipation of the event, expected to draw tens of thousands of visitors. The restaurant owner pointed out that while conventions typically bring an influx of patrons, the RNC’s specific demographic might not frequent local establishments as much. Instead of benefiting small businesses, the concern is that the event could cause road closures and increased security measures, making it harder for regular customers to reach their favorite spots.

The owner, analyzing previous large-scale political events, observed that potential customers often steer clear of convention areas. Often, such events lead to more empty tables rather than a rush of diners. Additionally, the influx of national chains and pop-up shops setting up temporarily could overshadow local businesses. Competition from these transient entities might divert potential profits away from established local spots.

During the last major event in the city, such predictions came true. Instead of a boom, some restaurants struggled with fewer walk-ins and disruptions in normal operating hours. The restaurant community now debates if the economic boost from the RNC will be as significant as some hope. Moreover, there’s a fear that the event’s security needs might create a less welcoming atmosphere for local patrons.

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