Philadelphia - Perfect for starting a small business

If you are setting up a business in Philadelphia it makes excellent financial sense to use a telephone answering service in Philadelphia to answer calls. A live Virtual Receptionist service is really cost effective and takes away the cost of employing your own in-house receptionist. Virtual Headquarters are a local US based phone answering and Virtual Assistant service. We provide a comprehensive range of receptionist call packages for small and medium sized firms. Let the team at Virtual Headquarters take care of answering your calls while you concentrate on making your small business a great success.


Your Philadelphia business needs a telephone answering service!


Implementing an answering service for your small business will reduce the pressure off you and your key staff. You’ll save precious time that you and your staff can devote to managing and building your business - instead of being interrupted by having to answer the phone every time it rings. A live answering service from Virtual Headquarters can be set up in less than 30 minutes and you can switch on and off your Virtual Reception team whenever you need. Perhaps you just completed a state-wide sales campaign and need to be available to after hours callers? Done. Maybe you want to offer your services over the Federal Holiday? How nice it is for a caller to actually speak to a real person rather than a machine! We give you the expertise and the flexibility to really make a positive impression with your customers from the very first day.

How our answering service works

1. You sign up for our 7 day FREE trial and instantly get a number

When you register for our no obligation answering service FREE Trial we will allocate you with a Phoenix telephone number or alternatively you can get a Toll-Free number if that is your preference.

2. You can either use this number or forward calls to it

Once you have been allocated a number you can either use that phone number as your main business number or forward your existing number to the number that we provided. It is really quite flexible! It's all up to you.

3. Let us know what greeting you want used with your customers

Your preferred greeting can be updated at any time when you log in to our portal or when you use one of our App's. As well as your greeting you will need to tell us how you would like to receive your messages, i.e. by SMS or email.

4. We will start answering those calls instantly!

That's all! VHQ is now ready to start answering those incoming calls. Our experienced virtual receptionists will use the greeting that you have provided to welcome your callers on behalf of your business. Your virtual reception will record all the caller details and message you and your team via email or SMS according to your preference. We can also directly forward important calls based on your instructions for prioritisation.

It Makes Great Business and Financial Sense

As a businessperson you might be a superb communicator but you’ve got much more productive things to do with your time than answer incoming calls all day. With a live telephone answering service from Virtual Headquarters you can maximise your time for working on your Philadelphia business.

Our prices are really reasonable and compare very well to our competitors. We structure our pricing based on a set charge for packages of calls. We have packages that suit businesses of different sizes. When your new company grows and you need to add more calls it is simple to upgrade to a bigger call package = and if you need to scale things back a bit then that is really easy to do as well. It makes a lot of sense to use a telephone answering service. We have a scalable team of receptionists so its never a problem if you have busy times and there are lots of calls. Relax and make that all important customer first impression with our local US based Virtual Receptionists. We will answer the call on behalf of your business in just the right welcoming tone - and we never miss a call!

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Doing Business in Philadelphia Pennsylvania

In the dynamic commercial world of today setting up a new company means really examining and analysing all the requirements for success. One of the most crucial considerations is where your business will be located. While you may think that getting location right is no longer crucial because of globalism and online business, it still remains so important because of tax rates, government incentives and funding and of course the actual profile of the customers that you are targeting.

Pennsylvania is a state that is considered great for small businesses and startups. Philadelphia is the city with the largest population in Pennsylvania and it has a big start up community with lots of co-working spaces and great mentoring. Government supports companies setting up in Philly with small business loans, project funding, incentives for re-locating and low tax rates. The Ben Franklin Technology Partnership offers great support with seed stage funding and the Philly Startup Leaders, a community of start up entrepreneurs under the ethos ‘By Founders for Founders’ is one of the best mentoring networks in America. This city of the Liberty Bell and the Declaration of Independence constantly renews itself while never forgetting the foundation setting of its historical past. The vision of the new is very strong in Philadelphia and it is really developing a name for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Philadelphia is close to the North Eastern markets of America, being an hour from New York City and extremely well positioned with its tri-state area location providing access to a large customer pool. Your business is well connected in Philadelphia for all forms of transport, with the Philadelphia International Airport, Greyhound has a city major terminal and Amtrak connects Philly to other city hubs. This original capital of America also has a skilled workforce bolstered by 80 universities and colleges in the surrounding region.

Philly is a city of 1.5 million people with a very diverse population and it rates as the seventh largest metropolitan economy in the US. It is a real city of community and tradition, the City of Brotherly Love. The cost of living in Philadelphia sits just above the national average and annual salaries are higher than the national average, but all in all Philadelphia is an affordable city as compared to many others.

Philadelphia is known as a city of neighbourhoods and there is a broad range of suburbs to choose from to locate to – check out East Falls, West Philly, Chestnut Hill, Point Breeze and Old City. Some really good family friendly suburbs are Manayunk and Roxborough.

Climate wise Philly does get very cold but the other seasons balance all that out and if you like enjoying the outdoors and getting some recreation away from the office, hiking some of the wooded trails in the surrounding hills and mountains is a great rejuvenating experience.

Philadelphia is one of the top places to start a small business, it is a city proud of itself. Your new business will get lots of support and you’ll grow to respect and love the city too.

You can test drive your answering service in Philadelphia for 7 days at no cost to you. We want you to really see the benefits in a no pressure environment. You won’t even need to supply us with any credit card details when you sign up. Setting things up only takes a short time, we have many years of experience in call management and very soon you’ll feel that our Virtual Receptionists are just part of your team. Imagine, we could be promptly and politely answering telephone calls on behalf of your Philadelphia business no matter what you or your team are doing. Rely on Virtual Headquarters supporting your goals.

Answering Service Philadelphia PA, USA

Philadelphia PA Zip Codes

Here is a list of the main zip codes in Philadelphia PA, 19019 , 19092 , 19093 , 19099 , 19101 , 19102 , 19103 , 19104 , 19105 , 19106 , 19107 , 19108 , 19109 , 19110 , 19111 , 19112 , 19113 , 19114 , 19115 , 19116 , 19118 , 19119 , 19120 , 19121 , 19122 , 19123 , 19124 , 19125 , 19126 , 19127 , 19128 , 19129 , 19130 , 19131 , 19132 , 19133 , 19134 , 19135 , 19136 , 19137 , 19138 , 19139 , 19140 , 19141 , 19142 , 19143 , 19144 , 19145 , 19146 , 19147 , 19148 , 19149 , 19150 , 19151 , 19152 , 19153 , 19154 , 19155 , 19160 , 19161 , 19162 , 19170 , 19171 , 19172 , 19173 , 19175 , 19176 , 19177 , 19178 , 19179 , 19181 , 19182 , 19183 , 19184 , 19185 , 19187 , 19188 , 19190 , 19191 , 19192 , 19193 , 19194 , 19195 , 19196 , 19197 , 19244 , 19255.