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Having a professional phone answering service on tap to answer your incoming calls can have a dramatic positive impact on your business. Think of all of the times you have to rush to take those incoming calls and the caller gets a sub-standard level of service. Or what about those times you take a call for someone else but then forget to pass it on.

As a busy business person, what you need is a professional receptionist service that will be there to handle the phone answering when you are just not able to get those calls. Someone who is there on the end of the line who can simply take accurate phone messages when you are unavailable.


Message Taking Services For Growing Businesses


Here at Virtual HQ we understand the needs of a growing business. Sometimes you really need to get on with something while you have a trustworthy phone answering service in the background to handle the call answering and forward the messages to you. We answer incoming calls for more than 7,000 businesses throughout the world. We have a range of packages that are suitable for businesses of all different sizes. Whether you are a fresh start up or a seasoned established business we will have a package to suit you. We have structured our packages to suit growing businesses and as you grow and your requirements get larger you can change packages to something that perfectly fits your requirements. It's all under your control.

Phone Answering

Once you sign up for a live answering service you will be allocated a telephone number for your account. This is the telephone number that we will be answering when you receive a phone call. If you want us to take all of your phone messages then you divert your incoming calls to this number. Our professional receptionists then answer in the name of your company with a pre agreed greeting. If you have specific callers that you want forwarded through to us then you let us know. You can then get on with carrying on your business while we focus on handling your incoming calls.

Call Answer Service

Our software is really intuitive to use and we have a number of ways that you can actually access the software to make changes. If you prefer, you can log in to our admin portal via PC or laptop and make the changes that you need. Alternatively, if you have a smart phone you can access our admin portal by making use of the iphone and android apps that we have available on the app store. They are easy to download and very easy to use. If you really don't have the time to learn how to work it all out then we are also very happy for you to call one of our friendly customer support staff who will be happy to help you out and get you set up over the phone.

Phone Answering For Small Business

Our professional receptionists are based here in the USA. We find that we can deliver a much better answering service by using local staff and many of our customers have mentioned to us that their customers think that our receptionists are actually sitting in their office. What better compliment could a telephone answering service get?

Lets face it, sometimes you are not in a position to answer each and every call. You might be right in the middle of a really complex task or you might be in the middle of an important sales meeting and it could damage your chances if you stall things to answer that phone. If you do actually take the call, how professional are you going to be with the caller anyway. If you are feeling rushed and slightly on edge then the chances are that you will relay this feelings to the person on the other end of the line. You may actually damage your chances with a new caller by actually taking the call in the first place. Wouldn't it be easier and make more sense to let our answering service field those calls and forward the messages through to you to deal with.

A Professional Answering Service Makes Sense

Getting a call answer service makes a lot of business sense. Your callers will receive a professional greeting every single time. Our virtual receptionists will then take a message and get that message to you within minutes of it being received. You can then schedule in responding to that message dependent upon how important it is and your overall availability.

Our answering service is really very affordable. If you are a small business or startup then you can get started with our basic package and you are only up for a $29 per month retainer plus $2.85 per call that we answer. As your business grows you can then upgrade your call center services to something that works best for you. If you are not sure which package you should be going for, just give one of our customer care staff a call and we will be happy to work through the options with you.

We provide our services to a broad range of customers including many small and medium sized businesses. Our services are really popular with attorneys, CPA's, IT consultants, Real Estate professionals, Internet Marketers plus a whole range of other professionals and trades people. We have more than 7,000 customers globally and we don't lock our customers into any sort of long term contract. On average our customers stay with us for around 3 years and the reason that they do so is because we provide them with a great level of service at a really affordable price.

Call Answering

Here at Virtual Headquarters we don't just answer your calls. Our systems are really quite sophisticated and you can do a variety of things with them. If you want us to act as a gatekeeper for all of the calls coming in we can do that for you. We can also answer simple questions that your callers have like what is your address, is there parking available, what is the company fax number etc. If you have a really important call that is expected to come through then we can set up a list of people to try for that call, you can also enter a whole series of phone numbers for us to try to find you when you are not in the office. We can provide many of the services that you would get from a physical receptionist bu at only a fraction of the cost.

To give new customers the opportunity to test out our service we offer a 7 day free trial with no obligation. When we say no obligation we actually mean it, there is no requirement to make any payment up front or provide any sort of credit card.

If you would like to find out more about our services and how we can help your small business work more efficiently and make more money then you should give one of our helpful customer service representatives a call. We will be happy to help you to sign up for our 7 day free trial and drive your business forward.