Portsmouth Public Schools Launches Innovative Small Group Tutoring Program


Portsmouth Public Schools have introduced a small-scale rapid testing program aimed at curbing COVID-19 among elementary students. Operating at Victory Elementary School, the pilot includes testing for symptomatic students twice a week. The initiative hopes to identify cases swiftly to prevent outbreaks. The program includes voluntary participation, meaning parents must sign consent forms. Health officials underscore its importance in maintaining in-person learning and minimizing disruptions.

Collaborating closely with the Virginia Department of Health, the school district provides students who exhibit symptoms with COVID-19 tests. When students appear symptomatic, they are sent to the nurse’s office. At that point, a rapid test is administered. In positive cases, parents are informed immediately, and students are required to isolate. This protocol aims to keep the broader student body healthy.

Initially, the testing protocol focuses on Victory Elementary but may expand. School officials are optimistic about the pilot’s effectiveness, hoping it will be a model for other schools. The program is also open to staff members who feel symptomatic. They can undergo rapid testing, increasing the safety net the district aims to create.

Rapid testing is seen as a critical tool in mitigating the impact of the virus on education. Additional measures include regular cleaning of school facilities and vaccination drives. School officials urge families to participate in the program, emphasizing community health. Parents are asked to support the initiative for it to succeed. Holistically, the district seeks to keep the learning environment as safe as possible.

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