After-Hours Telephone Call Answering 24/7

Take your online business nation-wide with LIVE after-hours call answering.

When your business is purely online and your company doesn’t have a physical office that customers can visit, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay virtually open and available for service for as long as possible. A live after hours answering service shows your customers that you care – it means Welcome, just like a Welcome sign on the door of a physical store. It means Open For Business.

The convenience of shopping online is that there is no need to follow the old traditional office hours of physical stores. Your customers can shop whenever they like. Before the old usual work hours, after the old usual work hours or even anytime on the weekend. Global connectivity has changed how we shop and when we shop.

If your company has the strategy to expand online sales nationally, then even the term after-hours becomes old fashioned. You’ll need live call answering with our American receptionists  to cover the time zones from Hawaii to New York.

So why are live remote receptionists so important? It’s all about building your brand and standing out in the market, you can’t expand across the country by reducing the quality of customer service, you have to improve it and personalise your brand even more.

Ensuring current and prospective customers can make enquiries live to a real American receptionist at all hours of the day is a big support for your brand when your competitors just make callers use voicemail out of hours.  By being available  and Open For Business your enterprise will greatly increase the chance that potential customers will convert into paying customers.

When you think about it, another of the many benefits of using an after hours call answering service is that you aren’t forcing callers to try to call “during office hours” and causing a call overflow .By answering calls whenever they come through 24/7, your business is pro-actively managing customer service – instead of reacting to fluctuations because your company only answers live calls at certain times.

Our American virtual receptionists are experts at their job. It’s what they do. We ensure all our virtual reception team will know all out your business and the products and services. We’ll answer callers promptly on behalf of your business, supported by briefing documents  that our receptionists call up and your instructions for prioritisation and call management.

So it doesn’t matter if callers to your business are phoning from Salem or San Diego or Houston or Honolulu, their enquires will be answered promptly in a welcoming professional American voice.

Growing an online business nationally and seeing sales revenue increasing is exciting and rewarding but it can’t happen without a servicing strategy that puts great customer service at the very core of your business . Call us  and we’ll answer promptly in a friendly American voice and talk through all your questions about implementing your live “after hours” call answering service.