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Life can get extremely hectic for a busy attorney. One minute you need to be briefing clients while 30 minutes later you could be due in court. All the while you can be fielding all of those incoming telephone calls. The problem is, without answering those calls you have no idea whether they are potential new clients or if they are telemarketers or if they are an existing client who simply wants your address or your fax number.

Rather than struggle through the day trying to juggle those incoming calls and your daily work load there is a far easier way. With telephone answering services from Virtual HQ you can leave those distracting incoming calls to us while you focus on the money making tasks. Our professional US based receptionists will answer your phone within 6-8 rings and will have a message to you within minutes. What could be easier!


So how does it work?


It really is quite straight forward to set up and we could actually be answering your calls within minutes. Firstly, you sign up for a free trial on our sign-up page. You provide us with details about who you are, the name of you firm and your contact details. You then provide us with details of the phone that you want answered and the greeting that you would like us to deliver. The message can be anything that you like. Many of our attorney customers will have something like "Welcome to XYZ attorneys, how can we be of assistance" however it is totally flexible and can be changed at any time.

Once you have set up the greeting that you want us to deliver to your clients you need to tell us how you want your messages delivered. The options here are to either receive your message by SMS or by email. If you receive your message by email then it is free of charge while SMS messages incur a small fee. These days we find that the majority of attorneys go with the email option as they are easy to receive on the go via a smart phone. Either way, it is totally up to you.

The pricing for our attorney answering service is really quite reasonable. If you are a one man band and on a tight budget then you may just want to have the service in place for overflow calls when you really can't get to the phone. In this case it will cost you $29 retainer plus a small fee per call. We find that the average small attorney ends up spending between $80 and $150 per month. If you are a larger firm and you need to claw back some more billable time then you may want to sign up for one of our packages. Either way, it is not too bad a price for the peace of mind that you get with our professional service.

Importantly, the professional receptionists who answer your incoming telephone calls will be professional American staff. Unlike some of our cheaper competitors we don't believe in offshoring your important calls to cheap Asian call centers. Our professional receptionists are located in Phoenix Arizona and understand American business and the type of service demanded by USA attorneys.

After Hours Answering Service

We are all well aware that the average attorney regularly works outside of normal working hours and it would not be unusual to receive phone calls from clients at all times of the day and night. Here at Virtual Headquarters we can offer an after hours answering service to take those calls while you are busy on a case.

Why Legal Answering Services Make Sense For Attorneys

In the dynamic world of legal services, where the stakes are high and the margin for error is low, the capacity for an attorney to efficiently and effectively handle communication is critical. Yet, it is an unfortunate reality that attorneys often find themselves swamped under a relentless deluge of calls, unable to dedicate their full attention to the pressing matters at hand. A lawyer answering service, a specialized call center service, can provide an innovative solution to this pervasive issue.

As the first point of contact for many potential clients, the importance of professionally handling calls cannot be overstated. Not only is each call a potential new case, but it also provides an opportunity to establish the attorney's reputation and expertise. Each missed call signifies a missed opportunity, and for law firms operating in competitive environments, these opportunities are too costly to forgo. However, the sheer volume of calls is often unmanageable for an individual attorney or even for a small to medium-sized law firm.

Lawyers Can Leverage Call Center Expertise

Law firms, large or small, can significantly benefit from leveraging the expertise of a call center. These call centers are designed to handle high volumes of calls and are staffed by professionals trained to deliver exceptional customer service. This can ensure that law firms do not miss out on any opportunities that come their way. The callers will receive immediate assistance, while the law firm's staff can focus on their areas of expertise. This service focus leads to increased productivity and more satisfied clients.

Utilizing answering services is not only beneficial in terms of call management. The legal answering services provide another substantial advantage – confidentiality. Law firms deal with sensitive and confidential information every day. A professional answer service is aware of this and will adhere to strict confidentiality protocols. As a result, law firms can be confident that their sensitive information will be handled with the utmost discretion.

Moreover, one cannot overlook the critical role that the virtual receptionists play in improving the overall client experience. The answering services ensure that the caller's first impression of the law firm is a positive one. Having a professional, courteous, and prompt response can make the caller feel valued and reassured. This is especially vital given that callers to law firms are often dealing with stressful and challenging situations.

A well-established legal answering service can offer multilingual support, ensuring that law firms can communicate effectively with a diverse range of clients. This removes potential barriers to communication and can help law firms to expand their client base.

Virtual Receptionists Make Sense For Lawyers

By hiring a virtual receptionist service, law firms can ensure that calls are answered promptly and professionally, even outside of traditional office hours. Many individuals may not be able to call during regular business hours, so having a 24/7 answering service ensures that the law firm can cater to these clients. This can significantly increase a law firm's competitive edge and make a considerable difference in the highly competitive legal industry.

Legal Answering Services - An Answering Service To Help Grow Your Law Practice

Furthermore, answering services can free up valuable time for attorneys to focus on what they do best – practicing law. By leaving the task of handling calls to professionals, attorneys can concentrate on their legal work, which is where their time and expertise are best utilized. As law firms increasingly recognize the importance of efficient operations, the use of answering services becomes an essential component of their business strategy.

It must also be mentioned that the initial investment in virtual receptionists can often be recouped through increased productivity. Law firms that have engaged an answer service have reported increased efficiency, improved client satisfaction, and, in turn, increased profitability. When calls are handled efficiently, it reflects positively on the law firm's professionalism and dedication to their clients.

Lawyers And Attorneys Need To Maintain Their Focus

Lastly, when an attorney reads over a case, the last thing they want is to be interrupted by a call. Attorneys often need to read, reread, and study legal documents to ensure they fully understand the case at hand. Uninterrupted focus is crucial in the legal profession, and a virtual receptionist can give you the edge that you need to take your practice to the next level.

How A Virtual Receptionist Service Works

The advent of modern technology has reshaped the world, redefining how businesses operate, including in the legal field. Among these transformative solutions is the concept of a virtual receptionist service. This technology has the potential to revolutionize how lawyers manage their time and resources, and greatly improve their law practice.

A virtual receptionist service, at its core, provides a remote answering service for businesses. Rather than having a traditional receptionist in an office setting, the service is performed remotely by trained professionals who are capable of managing a high volume of calls and inquiries. This innovative service can offer immense benefits to any business, including a law practice, by freeing up valuable time and resources.

So, how does a virtual receptionist service work? It is a remarkably simple process, underpinned by robust technology. Once engaged, the service routes the incoming calls to the virtual receptionist, who could be located anywhere globally. These calls are answered professionally and courteously, reflecting the high standards of the client's business.

The Perfect Sevice For The Busy Attorney

While any call center services can manage calls, the distinguishing feature of a virtual receptionist service, particularly one tailored for law practices, is the ability to adapt to the specific needs and requirements of the lawyer or law firm. These services are not merely about answering calls; they can be customized to schedule appointments, take detailed messages, provide information about the firm, and even screen calls as needed. Moreover, since the receptionist operates remotely, the service is typically available 24/7, providing a higher level of accessibility to the law practice's clients.

The use of virtual receptionists can also eliminate the need for costly office space and overheads. As the service operates remotely, there is no need for additional office space or equipment. Furthermore, the service is generally provided on a flexible contract, meaning the lawyer can adjust the service level according to the law practice's needs. This flexibility is a significant advantage, especially for small law firms or solo practitioners.

Get Your Own Legal Answering Service

A virtual receptionist service can also assist with managing client relationships. Given the sensitive and complex nature of legal issues, callers often require a prompt, empathetic, and knowledgeable response. The professionals offering these services are trained in handling such calls, ensuring that the callers receive a satisfactory response, which reflects positively on the law practice. It's worth mentioning that some of these services even offer multilingual support, enabling the law practice to cater to a diverse range of clients effectively.

Moreover, some virtual receptionist services provide additional functionalities such as integrated scheduling and reminder systems. These systems can remind both the lawyer and their clients of upcoming appointments or deadlines, reducing missed appointments and enhancing client satisfaction. The virtual receptionist can also capture leads and conduct initial client intake, a task that can be time-consuming and tedious for the lawyer.

To take it a step further, services legal in nature often require adherence to specific privacy and confidentiality protocols. Reputable virtual reception services understand this requirement and comply with all relevant legal and ethical regulations. Thus, lawyers can rest assured knowing that their client's confidential information is in safe hands.

Receptionist Services That Are Answering Calls When You Can't Get To Them

Virtual reception services functions as an extension of a law practice, providing efficient and professional answering services while also offering added functionalities. By embracing this innovative service, lawyers can ensure their law practice runs smoothly and efficiently, giving them more time to focus on their primary task - serving their clients' legal needs. It is a cost-effective, flexible, and efficient solution that lawyers can leverage to optimize their law practice and better cater to their clients.

Keeping You Focused

Research conducted in the USA showed that corporate lawyers and attorneys are spending up to 20% of their time on simple admin tasks. Imagine how you could make use of that additional time that you save. Why not give us a call on 866-454-3599 to find out how we can help you.