Everything About After Hours Answering Service

Five Talking Points about After Hours Call Answering

  1. What Are  After Hours Answering Services?

After hours answering services are great for sales and customer service  for almost every type of business. These call answering services ensure that companies can continue to be available to communicate LIVE with their customers, even when the office is closed for the day. By having an after-hours phone  answering service handle incoming calls, businesses can make sure that they never miss a sales opportunity or the chance to reinforce customer loyalty.

  • How Do After Hours Answering Services Work?

A live after hours answering service answers calls that are made to the usual business number and the phone calls are just transferred to a virtual reception with experienced receptionists. The receptionists  are available to take calls during the hours when your business is closed, like before 9am or after 5pm or on weekends. Many of the virtual receptionists work in other time zones – so they can be fresh and rested even though callers may be ringing your business late at night. An after office hours call answering  service usually takes messages, answers simple questions and give information and sometimes will transfer telephone calls – according to the instructions they have been given.

  • The Benefits of After Hours Answering Services

There are many advantages to using after-hours answering services. Firstly, they allow businesses to stay open 24/7, which can be a major plus for companies that have customers in a variety of time zones or when a business or service like plumbers or electicians need to be available to answer questions at all hours. An answering service will also reduce missed calls, because not every customers checks the time when they call – and it’s worth knowing that most people HATE USING VOICEMAIL. PEOPLE WANT TO TALK TO REAL PEOPL;E.

  • Choosing Your After Hours Answering Service

When you are deciding which after-hours call answering service to use, it is important to check these key points – the service should be professional with a long business history – not just a service that started last week! The team should also be expert and able to answer calls in a friendly and professional way, and so a trial of the service is usually a great opportunity to test the service. It is a good idea to use a service that is able to also manage calls in languages other than English – such as Spanish –  this can be a major advantage for businesses in many states.

  • So Should You Use An After-Hours Answering Service ?

For  a large variety of businesses, using a live after-hours call answering service is a wise decision. It is an excellent way to  prove you really care about your customers. It also means that your business really cares about seizing every revenue opportunity!