Save money with a virtual receptionist

Experience how our elite virtual telephone answering service can boost the profits and reputation of your business for a fraction of the cost of hiring your own receptionist. Rather than your clients being subjected to an impersonal automated answering service, they can be receiving first class customer service by speaking with one of our highly trained American receptionists. We understand that the customer service department is often the first point of contact clients have with your business. Therefore, we are dedicated to ensuring your company calls are answered promptly and perfectly every time.


Your own USA reception team


Each of our qualified receptionists have undergone extensive training in the American customer service industry and are dedicated to enhancing the professional reputation of your company. For an affordable cost and no compromise in quality, our team of professionally trained American receptionists can be answering your calls within a matter of minutes! Your calls are promptly answered with a personalized greeting of your choice. From here, calls can be transferred to you or a selected business partner or instead a detailed message can be taken and forwarded to you directly via email, text message or both. With packages to suit the size and needs of all businesses, we provide an opportunity to drive a successful and lucrative business.

Does your company need a live receptionist to answer your calls 24/7? Irrespective of what time of day or night it is, you are able to have your calls answered by a live, professional receptionist. Instead of paying your current in-house receptionist after hours rates, you are receiving the best value for your money by only paying for the number of calls we answer for you. Whether you use us 24/7 or simply as an overflow service during peak business periods, we are devoted to creating a personal and engaging customer service experience for your clients all day everyday.

Moreover, by outsourcing your phone answering service in America, you are providing your company with greater flexibility and more money to spend on managing your business. This may include establishing effective marketing strategies that will promote the national presence of your company and help increase sales revenue. By teaming up with our highly skilled team of American receptionists, you are effectively eliminating one more person from your office. This means there is one less person you have to financially support. You will no longer have to worry about micromanaging staff schedules, paying workers compensation insurance or paying your receptionist staff for sick days or vacation days. We are essentially replacing a fixed cost for variable cost. We provide you with a dynamic and sophisticated service that will reduce company costs while boosting customer satisfaction.

It is clear that making the switch to virtual based services is a financially smart decision. Globally, we have over 7000 virtual telephone-answering clients who are continually impressed by the high quality service they are receiving for an affordable price. Not only do they comment on increased business productivity but also the hardworking and highly skilled nature of our American receptionist team. We offer our new clients a FREE 7 day trial so you too can experience how our company can seamlessly reduce business costs while professionally dealing with a constant flow of inbound calls. Your company will quickly develop a superior customer service reputation that is unrivalled in today’s competitive business world. Enquire today by calling 866 454 3599 to set up your Free 7 day trial today!