How Much Does An After Hours Answering Service Cost

Live After Hours Answering Means Never Missing a call.

Our Virtual Headquarters call answering packages can cost from a low $30 per month up to $435 per month, depending on the number of calls. That top rate of $435 includes a package of 200 calls per month with any calls over 200 charged at $2.65. We have call answering packages to suit every kind of small to medium size business and we can always customise a service to suit. It’s a very economical price when you consider the cost of an in-house receptionist.

Your business can really benefit from the flexibility that after hours call answering can offer, because you decide when you want to use us. Maybe you only want to use after hours call answering during sales campaigns. Perhaps you only require after hours answering support at peak seasons or during weekday day evenings. Just choose your call package that suits your company needs and let us know when you want our virtual receptionist team to answer calls on behalf of your business.

The cost of your call answering package includes access to a team of expert receptionists who will promptly welcome every caller to your business with a friendly professional voice –  in just the right tone. This service means your business will never miss a call. And because we have a team of receptionists , busy times are never a problem – when your business receives lots of calls – we have lots of expert receptionists queued to take the next enquiry. Forget that busy time stress of placing callers on hold while in-house receptionists try and juggle the incoming rush. We solve it.

We will also send a summary of each call to you by email and  according to your instructions for prioritising  – we will transfer calls direct to you or your staff. All these services are included in the package, the only additional; costs will be if the number of calls exceeds your package and we charge the excess on a per call basis of $2.65 or if you prefer your call summaries to be sent via SMS, which costs a little more than the usual email service.

That’s it. Simple pricing. No complex confusing long-term contracts that are hard to understand. There is no set-up charge. There is no minimum term. There is no need for a deposit. There are no hidden fees. And you can check out the service with our free one week trial to see if you like us. So maybe the question is not “How much does an after-hours call answering service cost?. The question should also be “How much will it cost in lost revenue if we don’t have an after-hours answering service?”